Meeting Reminder & Minutes

This is a reminder that MONDAY JANUARY 28, 2019 we will have a Service Foundation Meeting and a SEC Meeting at the Newington VFW located on Kitts Lane in Newington, CT.
Service Foundation Meeting will start at 6pmSEC Meeting will start at 7pm.
I am hoping to secure dates and locations for the 2019 Awards Night and 2019 State Convention.
State Officers, Committee Chairmen, Post Commanders and SEC’s Please be in attendance. 
Gerry Wright is also scheduled to be at our meeting to speak.
If you have written Reports Please send them to me by email prior to the meeting.
Please Bring copies of the Minutes to the Meeting. Limited Copies will be printed.
If you have anything you want put on the Meeting Agenda, Please email me before January 20, 2019

AMVETS Department of Connecticut

Service Foundation Minutes

September 24,2018

Foundation President Dan Thurston called the meeting to order at 6pm

Invocation given by Chaplain Ray Chaput

Pledge of Allegiance led by Dan Thurston

Roll Call of Officers:

Present were:

President / JA Dan Thurston

Vice President / Douglas Newell

Treasurer – Open (President Dan Thurston temporarily managing accounts)

Department Commander Albert Duff

Past Department Commander James Neeland

Adjutant Robert Pickett

Department Finance Officer Douglas Newell


Christopher Paulhus

Nick DeCerbo

Ronnie Maebry

Excused were

Trustee Richard Fournier

Trustee / Secretary Carol Hass

NEC Dana Dillon

Absent was:

Trustee Juliet Taylor

1 Open Position on Foundation

Minutes of the June 23, 2018 Convention Meeting:

Motion made to accept the Minutes as passed out by Albert Duff

2nd by James Neeland

Motion Passed


Dan Thurston          Filing and Mailing                                                   $6.76



President’s Report – Dan Thurston

I have been all tied up with taking over the Treasurers Job. We are looking for a volunteer to take over this Position. It has been a busy Summer.

Treasurer’s Report –

Copies will be Available at the January 2019 Service Foundation Meeting. Dan will also email it out.

President Dan Thurston did a Verbal Report from his Laptop.

Motion made by Albert Duff to accept the Budget.

2nd by Doug Newell

Motion passed

NEC Report – Dana Dillon

No Report

Motion to accept the Officers Reports made by Robert Pickett

2nd by Douglas Newell

Motion Passed

Unfinished Business:

Al Duff suggested if we can not get someone to volunteer to do the Treasurer’s Job, we should look into hiring someone to do this job. We need to ensure that this job is covered now and in the future. Hopefully by our January Meeting this will be squared away.

New Business:

No New Business

Motion made by Albert Duff to Pay the bills.

2nd by Douglas Newell

Motion Passed.

Good and Welfare:


Motion to Adjourn:

Motion to Adjourn made by Douglas Newell

2nd by Albert Duff

Benediction given by Chaplain Ray Chaput

Salute to Colors led by Dan Thurston

Meeting adjourned

Next Meeting will be on January 28, 2019 @ 6pm at the Newington VWF on Kitts Lane.

                                                                        Respectfully Submitted by;

                                                                        Albert J. Duff

                                         Albert J. Duff

                                                                        AMVETS Department of Connecticut


AMVETS Department of Connecticut


September 24, 2018

Commander Duff called the Convention Meeting to order at 1910.

Invocation was given by Chaplain Ray Chaput.

Provost Marshall Richard Fournier covered the POW/MIA Chair

Provost Marshall Richard Fournier led all in the Pledge of Allegiance.

All Read Preamble.

Appointment of Officers and Committee Members

Membership Director                   Doug Newell

Public Relations Officer                Al Meadows

Ast. Public Relations Officer        Jodi LoDolce

ROTC Chairman                              James Neeland

By-Laws Comm Chairman           Dana Dillon

Convention Chairman                   Doug Newell

Convention Co-Chairman                        Carol Hass

Awards Chairman                          James Neeland

Legislative Officer                          Dan Thurston

Ast. Legislative Officer                  Jodi LoDolce

Woman’s Veterans Rep                Juliet Taylor

Communications Officer              Dana Dillon

We Master                                       Leon Proctor

Motion to accept Commander’s Appointments made by Douglas Newell

2nd By Robert Pickett

Motion Passed

Roll Call of Officers:

Present Were:

Commander – Albert Duff

1st Vice Commander – Christopher Paulhus

2nd Vice Commander – Ronnie Maebry

Adjutant – Robert Pickett

Finance Officer / Alt NEC / Membership Director / VAVS Rocky Hill –             Douglas Newell

Judge Advocate / Foundation President / Legislative Officer – Dan Thurston

Provost Marshall – Richard Fournier

PDC / ROTC Chairman / Awards Chairman – James Neeland

Chaplain – Ray Chaput

Surgeon General / VAVS West Haven – Nick Decerbo

Excused was:

3rd Vice Commander – Carol Hass

NEC / Communications Officer / By-Laws Committee Chairman – Dana Dillon

Webmaster – Leon Proctor

Absent Were:

Public Relations Officer – Al Meadows

Ast Public Relations Officer / Ast Legislative Officer – Jodi LoDolce

Women’s Veterans Rep – Juliet Taylor

Roll Call of Posts Commanders:

Post 1                        Lynn Warner                       Absent

Post 2                        Gerald Dierman                  Absent

Post 9                        Ronnie Maebry                   Present

Post 18          Brian Dusty                          Excused

Post 24          Dan Thurston                      Present

Post 43          Carl Moore                           Absent

Post 45          Chad Colter                          Excused

Post 47          John Michels                        Excused

Post 50          Chris Paulhus                       Present

Post 83          Rene Gagnon                       Excused

Post SEC’s:

Post 9                        Ronnie Maebry                   Present

Post 43          Jodi LoDolce                                    Absent

Post 45          Chad Colter                          Excused

Post 47          Robert Pickett                     Present

Post 50          John Naumec                      Present

Post 83          Carol Hass                            Excused

Minutes of the June 23, 2018 Department Convention

Motion to accept the Minutes as passed out by Douglas Newell

2nd By Nick DeCerbo

Motion Passed


  • Letter from Dana Dillon on Vision One Meeting
  • Letter from Gerry Wright on Agent Orange
  • Stand Down Schedule
  • Post 83 has a new Commander
  • DVA Cemeteries
  • Post 45 Minutes
  • Information from Harry Neil on August Membership
  • National News Letter
  • Poker Run in MA.
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Report to the 1st District


  • Chaplain                    Stamps and Cards                                      $30.00
  • Commander                        Copies and National Convention           $1268.69

Commanders Report – Albert Duff

AMVETS Department of Connecticut

Commander’s Report to the SEC

September 24, 2018

            I would like to welcome all the Returning SEC Officers and the New SEC Officers holding Positions in the SEC for the first time. I believe this year will be challenging as we have already closed 3 posts in our state. and other posts are on the verge of closing if we stand by and do nothing.

 Members are our priority and Renewing Members and retaining them is just as important as bringing in new members. I would like to see our 1st Vice Commander put together a plan on what we can do different to increase membership in the state of CT. Please keep in Touch with Myself and the Membership Director between SEC Meetings so that we continue to move in a direction that increases membership throughout the state.

A requirement for National to maintain its 501C19 status is for it to show that we are out there donating our Time, Money, and Services helping Veterans. It is important that each Post in each State document what they are doing in these areas. It is the job of the 2nd Vice Commander to ensure that this is being done or collect this information from each Post and insure that this information is reported himself. There are 2 reporting periods: January 1st to June 30th and July 1st to December 31st. I want to see 100% post reporting in Connecticut. Reporting is easy to do if you do it month to month rather than waiting till the end of the Reporting Period. Please have a Programs Reporting Status at each SEC Meeting.

VAVS is another area we need to focus on. This has been a strong area here in Connecticut for many years. The only problem is our volunteer base is getting Smaller. Please think about donating some time to VAVS this year. Get your Post members involved. Get with Nick DeCerbo or Doug Newell and tell them you would like to get involved and I am sure they can find a spot for you.

Over the Years Veterans continue to lose Valuable Benefits as our State and Nation continue to cut back programs aimed at helping our veterans. We must continue to fight to keep what we have and fight harder to get new programs instituted. Our Legislative Officer cannot do this by himself. I have appointed an Assistant Legislative Officer to help. They will need every one’s help if we are going to succeed on the Hill. Please do what you can to Help them.

We are seeing an increasing number of Women Veterans coming back stateside that need help. I am positive that our Women’ Veteran’s Representative would be glad to take on some help to help out in this area. Please insure that AMVETS does not miss an opportunity to help when and where we can. 

We have many other great programs out there like Operation Gift Card, Hero’s on Wheels, Take A Vet Fishing, and Take A Vet Golfing. Get Involved. See how you can Volunteer and Help Out. All of these programs have been a great success and continue to be a great success in our state.

The Position of 3rd Vice Commander has never been specifically defined. I would like the 3rd Vice Commander during my Term, to work with Dana Dillon and the National HEAL Team in developing a strong Suicide Awareness Program here in Connecticut.  This program should include Promotion and Awareness of what we are facing here in Connecticut. Things to look for and ways to prevent Suicide. You may also work with our Legislative team in developing legislation that deals with Suicide Prevention. Let’s make Connecticut strong with programs dealing with Suicide Prevention.

            To all my officers, Post Commanders, and SEC’s: Please do not come to an SEC meeting and say “No Report” when it comes time to give your report. All of you are doing something out there I’m sure, so please report it. If you hold more than one Position and the information for one report was given in another one of your reports, say “Report was given as part of another report” or “Information will be given during another report” You as Officers are expected to be out there promoting AMVETS and Helping Veterans and our Posts. Keep a log of what you do so when it comes time for your report you have Items to put in the report. Take credit for what you do.

            I Attended the AMVETS National Convention from August 5, 2018 to August, 11, 2018 in Orlando, Florida. Attended the National Service Foundation Meeting which was a farce as 5minutes into the meeting the called an Executive session and put everyone out of the meeting. Attended the National Finance Committee Meeting. Attended the NFC Convention Bids meeting. Attended the Pre-NEC Meeting. Attended the Joint Opening Ceremony. Attended the Joint Memorial Service. Attended all the Business sessions.

Attended the Programs Round Table. They spoke on the importance of Program Reporting and in order for the Organization to keep or 501C19 this is a requirement. They also spoke on Voluntary Services and CT is one of the states required to file the VAVS Forms this year. I have the forms with me tonight and will need Nick to sign this form. They have discontinued the Health Care Kits because they feel the Items in these kits are junk. They are working with other sponsors to try to upgrade these kits. My personal feeling is that this is another cut back and you will not see this program revived. They also spoke about Freedoms Foundation and what this program has to offer students that attend. National will pay the cost for 1 student from each state.

Attended the National District 1 Meeting. Along with NEC Dana Dillon, and Alternate NEC Doug Newell, I attended a meeting with the National Ladies Auxiliary Officers on a matter concerning Post 47 Ladies Auxiliary. In addition, I helped out in the National District 1 Hospitality Room.

I will not go into details on the Convention as the NEC and Alternate NEC will give their reports in a little while. Past Department Commander and Post 47 Member Rodney Bissonnette was at the Convention along with NEC Dana Dillon, Alternate NEC Douglas Newell and Myself.

Your New National Commander is Rege Riley of Pennsylvania and your new National District 1 Commander is Jim Spreng of New Jersey.

            On August 15, 2018 I attended the Military Community Coalition Meeting in Middletown Connecticut. Also attending from AMVETS was Public Relation’s Officer Al Meadows.

The meeting had 2 main speakers the first being Dawn Waldren from the Department of Veterans Affairs. She Said that the DVA is broken into 4 Sections. Residence, Health Care, Memorial Service, and the Office of Guidance. The Residence takes care of Housing at the Rocky Hill Facility. This Housing is not meant for veterans to be a lifelong Place of residence. Housing is provided on a month to month basis and has cost associated with it based on the Veterans income. Healthcare deals with all the medical services that are provided at the VA Hospitals, Healthcare units and Outreach Centers. Memorial Service provides information and help with our Veteran Cemeteries. The Office of Guidance Provides information on filing a claim, Veteran Status License research and VA Benefit information. 

            The 2nd speaker was George Koltypin from the Salute Military Golf Association. He stated that this program is available to Post 911 Veterans. -Pre-911 Veterans are not eligible to join. He stated that at this time there is no Chapter in CT. They are working with the MA Chapter. In order to join the Veteran must join a Clinic at a cost of $1200.00. They will receive 6 to 8 weeks of training and when complete the they will receive a Golf Bag and Clubs. Veterans wanting to join must have a service related injury.

            The next meeting of the MCC will be on September 19, 2018 at 11am. I will be attending this meeting.

            Sent out 2 emails to David Collelo on the progress of the new Post in Bristol. To date I have had no replies to either of the emails I have sent him. 

            Received a call from Post 45 Commander Chad Colter. Post 45 would like to turn their Finances over to me to manage. He will set up a meeting with his Finance Officer and let me know when this meeting will take place.

            Sent out an email to everyone I have email addresses for with the meeting dates for the SEC and the Service Foundation.

            Sent out an email to Post Commanders outlining my planned Post Visits that I have put in my schedule. I plan on visiting all Post here in Connecticut at least once during my term some posts I will be making multiple visits. I encourage other State Officers to visit Posts during their terms. We need to work together as Members, as Posts, and as a Department to make Connecticut AMVETS strong again. Some may question me on why I feel AMVETS Department of Connecticut is not strong. Take a look around. We have some 1500 plus members in CT and how many attend Meetings. Our Last Department Convention had 14 members attend. 3 Post have closed already this year and others are just hanging on. AMVETS overall has dropped from the 3rd largest VSO to the 4th Largest VSO Nationally. We have some work to do if we are going to succeed.

            I received a call from Gerald Thibodeau on Wednesday August 22, 2018. Spoke to Gerry for a while and he told me he was doing much better after they removed the Hardware from his leg. He is back to normal walking and back to driving the DAV Van. He invited me to be the Guest speaker at this year’s Enfield Veterans Day Parade and Ceremony that will be held on Sunday November 11, 2018. I told him I would be honored to join them.

            On Wednesday August 22, 2018 I attended the Korean War Veterans Commemoration Ceremony at Three Rivers Community College in Norwich, CT. The Event was hosted by Congressman Joe Courtney.  26 Korean War Veterans were awarded Certificates and Coins and were recognized for their service during the Korean War. The guest Speaker at this event was Regional Administrator David Tille US Department of Housing and Urban Development. He spoke on the progress that has been made in CT on getting Veterans off the Streets and into Housing. He stated that CT is one of only two states that has a program in place for getting Homeless Veterans into housing. He also spoke on the connection between Homeless Veterans and Veteran Suicide. He stated that his Department working in conjunction with the Department of Veterans Affairs are working to get all Veterans off the Street and into Housing and getting them the medical treatment, they need. The Ceremony was followed by lite snacks and refreshments. One last note on this event, AMVETS was recognized along with the other VSO’s for the work we do helping our Veterans and being present at this event to support our Korean War Veterans.

            On Friday August 24, 2018 attend a 40th Anniversary Party for Past Department Chaplain Howard Flexer and his wife Margaret. Department 1st Vice Commander Christopher Paulhus and Department Finance Officer Douglas Newell were also in attendance. The event was hosted by his daughters State Senator Mae Flexer and Hoween Flexer.

            On Saturday August 25, 2018 manned the AMVET Booth at the Brooklyn Fair. It was a long and Great day which started at 9am in the morning and ended at around 9pm that evening. I would like to Thanks all The State Officers that came out to visit and or put some time into the Booth. Also, I would like to thank those involved in putting together information and Items to pass out at the fair. Public Relations Officer Al Meadows, NEC Dana Dillon, Past Department Commander James Neeland, Department Chaplain Ray Chaput and Adjutant Robert Pickett.  State Senator Mae Flexer visited our Booth on Sunday with her father Past Department Chaplain Howard Flexer. In addition, I would like to thank Post 47 Officers and Members as well as Post 47 Auxiliary Members for coming out and manning the booth throughout the whole weekend.

            On Sunday August 26 I ran Post 47’s Membership meeting as the Commander was manning the Booth at the Brooklyn Fair. We voted in 5 New Members and one of these members was at the meeting and He was sworn in. The rest of Post 47 Report will be given in the SEC Report.

            On Tuesday August 28, 2018 along with Post 47 Commander John Michels, Auxiliary President Debra Day, and Past Post Commander Darlene Berube, presented Classroom Flags and Brackets to the Plainfield Memorial School.

            In addition, I have been working with National, post 1, Post 2, Post 43, and Post 45 on getting their Revalidations Squared away. I Processed Revalidations for Post 1, 2, and 43 and sent them into National. I resent in another copy of Post 45’s Revalidation which I had previously sent in in July. I also had to send in another Copy of Post 47’s Accord which they misplaced. I also called Harry Neil and had Mike Grip added to the Access for Department Membership Access.

            I have also been working with AMVETS Post 47 and Pierce Memorial Nursing Home at signing up their Veteran Patients into Post 47. We will hold 1 meeting a Month at the Nursing Home with these Veterans giving them an opportunity to be active and be part of Veteran Activities at the Nursing Home.

            On September 9, 2018 along with PDC James Neeland we attended Post 45’s meeting. 3 Officers were in attendance. Due to the member attendance and post activity, Post 45 has decided to meet only 2 times a year at their meeting location. Once in September and once in June. Other monthly meetings will be done electronically online or by teleconference. Commander Colter has been busy contacting members and updating post membership records. He found that one member on their roster has been deceased since 1995.

            On September 9, 2018, along with PDC James Neeland and my wife, we attended the Rocky Hill Bingo at the Rocky Hill Health Care Facility. We had a good crowd of patients that attended that day.

            On September 10, 2018 along with Department Adjutant Robert Pickett, attended Post 18’s Meeting in Enfield CT. It was good getting back to Post 18 and visit with the members. Mike Grip wanted me to let people know that the DAV is looking for drivers. I talked with Mike and Gerry about coming back to the SEC Meetings. They both told me that they will help us out whenever they can, but they cannot attend the SEC Meetings as our meeting falls on the same night as their DAV Meeting and being drivers for the DAV they have been involved with the DAV Meetings. They however recording all volunteer time that they earn with AMVETS. Gerry Thibodeau just got his award with VA for 5000 Hours.

            On September 12, 2018 along with PDC James Neeland I attended a meeting with Pierce Memorial Nursing Home and Post 47. Post 47 is in the process of signing up the Veterans in that Nursing home into Post 47. The Post will meet with its Nursing Home Veterans once a month and these members will also be actively involved in any Veteran Ceremonies held at the nursing home. In addition, the post will plan special events with these Veteran Patients throughout the year. AMVETS Post 47 will pay their memberships. The Patients and the Nursing Home Staff were very receptive to the idea. The meetings will be held every 3rd Wednesday at 10:30 am at the nursing home.

            On Saturday September 15, 2013 helped out at Post 47’s White Clover Drive. During the drive we signed up 1 new member.

            Attended Post 47 Meeting on Sunday September 23, 2018. Post Commander John Michels is on vacation in Maine and asked me to run the meeting in his place.

            I will be attending Post 47’s Ladies Auxiliary meeting on Wednesday September 26, 2018.

            I will be cooking for AMVETS Post 47 Spaghetti & Meatball Dinner on Saturday September 29, 2018.

            I will be attending Rocky Hill Bingo on Sunday October 14th @ 2pm.

            I am Planning the following Post Visits in October:

            Post 9 on Wednesday October 3rd @ 12pm

            Post 50 on Sunday October 7th @ 10am

            Post 1 on Wednesday October 10th @ 12pm

            Post 24 On Thursday October 11th @

            Post 47 on Sunday October 28th @ 10am

                                                                                    Respectfully Submitted;

                                                                                    Albert J. Duff

                                                        Albert J. Duff

                                                                                    AMVETS Department of Connecticut


AMVETS Department of Connecticut

Report to the National 1st District

National District 1 Commander Leon Proctor, National District 1 Officers, Department Commanders, Department Officers, AMVETS, and Guests;

            AMVETS Department of Connecticut held our Convention on June 23, 2018. National District 1 Commander Leon Proctor was our National Representative and Guest.

            Dana Dillon was elected to another 2-year term as NEC and Doug Newell was elected to another 2-year term as Alternate NEC.

            One major change that was made to our By-Laws at this Convention was to go from 9 SEC Meetings and a Convention every year to 3 SEC Meetings and a Convention during the year. With this change AMVETS Department of Connecticut will meet on the 4 Monday in the Months of September, January, and April, and a Convention during the month of June.

            Prior to our Convention in June we held our Awards Ceremony in May. The Service Foundation gave out 4 Scholarships. Past Department Commanders James Neeland and Dan Thurston received the White Clover Award. In addition, many other awards were given out that day.

            In April AMVETS along with many other VSO’s, we stormed the Hill in Hartford to rally for funding to be put back into the Department of Veterans Affairs in Rocky Hill. I am happy to report that we got support from both the House and the Senate.

            I am very happy to serve as Department Commander for the 3rd time in Connecticut. Many have told me they hope I can get it right this time. I would like to thank Past Department Commander James Neeland and his Officers for the hard work they have done over the last year.

            In the upcoming year we have some challenges that we must face. The hardest being Post that have become stagnate over the years due to Post membership not wanting to get involved and step up. This has already resulted in 3 of our Posts not re-validating and their charter being turned in.

            We will also be looking at new programs in Connecticut that will help assist our Veterans and Military Men and Women.

            Connecticut also recognizes suicide as a major problem with our returning veterans. One of our Post had 2 members commit suicide in the same week. Even though we recognize this as a major issue, before we can effectively combat this problem, we must have people properly trained in the area of suicide prevention to safely and effectively deal with this issue.

            Connecticut has submitted two people to attend Freedoms Foundation.

            Operation Gift Card continues to be a major program foe CT AMVETS. In addition, other Programs supporting our Veterans include: Hero’s on Wheels, take a Vet Fishing, Take a Vet Golfing and VA Hospital Visits. Local Post have additional programs that they support throughout the state.

            In closing I would like to thank National District 1 Commander Leon Proctor and his Officers for a job well done. The Department of CT looks Forward to working with our new District 1 Commander and Officers in the upcoming year.

                                                                        Respectfully Submitted;

                                                                        Albert J. Duff

                                                                        AMVETS Dept of CT Commander

1st Vice Commander’s Report – Christopher Paulhus

Attended Past Department Chaplain Howard Flexer and his wife 40th Wedding Anniversary. With Veterans day coming up it would be a good idea to have a membership application with you to sign up a new member.

2nd Vice Commander’s Report – Ronnie Maebry

I will be contacting the Post on their Post Reporting. I have some work to do with Post 9 and I have some work to do for the Department. Next Meeting, I will have a more complete report.

3rd Vice Commanders Report – Carol Hass

No Report

Adjutants Report – Robert Pickett

I attended Post 18 Monthly Meeting. I will be traveling with the Commander to other Post Visits. I worked Post 47 White Clover Drive. I worked the AMVET Booth at the Brooklyn Fair. Attended all Post 47 Meetings and House Committee Meetings. Next week we will be starting up our Spaghetti Dinners again.

Finance Officer’s Report – Douglas Newell

Finance Report was passed out.

Motion was made by Nick DeCerbo to accept the Finance Report as Passed Out.

2nd by Robert Pickett

Motion Passed

Judge Advocate Report – Dan Thurston

No Report

Provost Marshall Report – Richard Fournier

No Report

NEC Report – Dana Dillon

No Report

Alternate NEC Report – Douglas Newell

One of the main things we did down at the National Convention was Resolution and changes to the CBL. One of the issues was National Officer Term Limits which CT was one of the initiators of this change. This was shot down. Another Item that came up dealt with having to inform National on any fund raising that you want to do. This was rejected on the floor and shot down. Amend Life Membership Limits. It was voted they could not do it. NEC Travel Money was reduced. They rejected Free Membership during Veterans Day Week. They rejected the support for the Muong Veterans. National Finance Committee rejected a $500.00 Donation to Paws for the Cause. Attended the Membership Meeting.

Past Department Commander Report – James Neeland

Attended a Ceremony for the returning 173rd National Guard. Attended the 50th Anniversary Ceremony for the Vietnam War. In August I attended the Veterans Advisory Meeting in Hartford. In September attended Post 45 Meeting.

Legislative Officer’s Report – Dan Thurston

Only had one meeting over the summer. Senator Blumenthal called a meeting of the Veterans Advisory Committee. On of the things in his report was the support for the Agent Orange. This was the 1st time we have met in 4 years. Dan spoke on key Items that are protected by our National Constitution. The first Amendment, the 2nd Amendment.  He spoke on what the Popular Vote is when compared to the Electoral Vote.

Assistant Legislative Officer – Jodi LoDolce

No Report

Foundation President’s Report – Dan Thurston

The Foundation met this evening prior to this meeting. Dan requested contact information.

Membership Director Report – Douglas Newell

Membership is in the early stages and is coming in good. If you want to know if members are still alive you can Google area News Papers and look through the obituaries.

Public Relations Officer Report – Al Meadows

No Report.

Assistant Public Relation Officer Report – Jodi LoDolce

No Report

Communication Officer’s Report – Dana Dillon

No Report

Women’s Veterans Rep Report – Juliet Taylor

No Report

Surgeon General’s Report – Nick DeCerbo

The weather is starting to change. Dress accordingly. Flue season is here. Get your Shots.

Chaplain’s Report – Ray Chaput

I do a show called Bring it back to the Veterans. There is a Coffee House in Willimantic. They are trying to get a bus to transport Veterans to appointments.

Webmaster Report – Leon Proctor

No Report

Motion to accept all Officer Reports made by Dan Thurston

2nd by Christopher Paulhus

Motion passed

Committee Reports:

ROTC Chairman – James Neeland

No Report

Convention Chairman – Douglas Newell

No Report

Convention Co-Chairman – Carol Hass

No Report

By-Laws Committee Chairman – Dana Dillon

No Report

Awards Chairman – James Neeland

No Report

Motion to accept all Committee Reports made by James Neeland

2nd by Ronnie Maebry

Motion Passed

VAVS Reports:

VAVS West Haven – Nick DeCerbo

Over the summer I took a little vacation. I have been working with the Homeless. I will be speaking in 3 schools around Veterans Day.

VAVS Rocky Hill – Douglas Newell

We started up the Bingos.

Motion to accept the VAVS Reports made by Christopher Paulhus

2nd by Ronnie Maebry

Motion passed

Post Reports;

Post 1                        No Report

Post 2                        No Report

Post 9                        Been working with the chaplain. Planning a White Clove Drive

Post 18          No Report

Post 24          Post 24 met for their monthly meeting. Getting things started up.

Post 43          No Report

Post 45          No Report

Post 47

AMVETS Post 47 Report to the SEC

September 24, 2018

            The House Committee continues to meet every other Thursday at 6pm at AMVETS Post 47.  AMVETS Post 47 Honor Guard continues to be active performing Military Honors for Veterans who have passed.

            Post 47 is sad to announce the Passing of 2 Long time Post 47 Members, Al Hemmingway and Leo Andstrom.

            Post 47 had a booth at the Brooklyn Fair from Thursday August 23, 2018 to Sunday August 26, 2018. Post 47 would like to Thank NEC Dana Dillon for Putting together Information and things to pass out at the fair. Post 47 would also like to Thank the Following State Officers for coming out and helping at the Booth. Commander Albert Duff, Department Adjutant Robert Pickett, Department Public Relations Officer Al Meadows, PDC James Neeland. We also received visits from Department Chaplain Ray Chaput, Past Department Chaplain Howard Flexer, and State Senator May Flexer. Post 47 would also like to thank the many Post Officers, members, and Post 47 Ladies Auxiliary who came out to run the booth. It was a great weekend and the weather was excellent. Post 47 would like to give a Very Special Thanks to Post Commander John Michel who organized and overseen this event.

            Post 47 held its monthly meeting on August 26, 2018. The meeting was well attended. 5 New members were brought into the Post.  State Commander Albert Duff ran the Meeting as Post Commander John Michels was at the Brooklyn Fair Booth.

            On August 28, 2018 State Commander Al Duff, Post Commander John Michels, Past Post Commander Darlene Berube and Post 47 Ladies Auxiliary President Debra Day Presented Plainfield Memorial School with 16 Classroom Flags, Holders and 1 Desk Flag. Due to a fire that happened a few weeks ago Memorial School had to relocate to the old Killingly High School while repairs are being made to the Memorial School. Thanks to Auxiliary President Debra Day for coordinating with the AMVETS and the Memorial Schools in getting these Flags.

            On Wednesday September 12, 2018 AMVETS Post 47 met with Pierce Memorial Veteran Patients and Staff on signing up the Veteran Patients to AMVETS and holding 1 meeting a month with the Veteran Patients. Ideas were discussed and the meeting was very positive from all parties.

Post 47 held a White Clover Drive on September 15, 2018.

Post 47 held its Monthly Meeting on Sunday September 23rd at 10am.

Post 47 is looking to form a new Color Guard with members from the AMVETS, Auxiliary and Sons.

Post 47 will hold a Spaghetti and Meatball dinner on Saturday September 29, 2018 from 4pm to 7 pm. Cost is $10.00.

Post 47 Ladies Auxiliary is planning on Free Haircuts for Veterans on Veterans Day at the post. They have made arrangements with local Barbers and Hair Dressers to come in and cut hair.

Post 47’s next Monthly Meeting will be on Sunday October 28, 2018 at 10am.

                                                                                    Respectfully Submitted;

                                                                                    Albert J. Duff

                                                        Albert J. Duff

                                                                                    Post 47 Finance Officer

Post 50          Attended the VJ Day Parade. Getting ready for Veterans Day. Attended the Greater Windham County Veterans Council Meeting

Post 83          Held our regular Meeting. We Voted in Rene Gagnon as our New Post Commander as Carl Griffin has moved to Florida. We changed our Monthly Meeting to the 3rd Monday of the Month and meet only 3 time a year. Looking into making Wallingford into a Purple Heart Town.

Motion to accept all Post Reports Given made by Ronnie Maebry

2nd by Robert Pickett

Motion passed

Unfinished Business:

Convention Location:

Doug said we can have the Convention at his Post. Bring back Ideas and Comments to the January SEC.

Service Foundation:

Commander Albert Duff appointed William Kosche to the one open seat on the Service Foundation.

Motion made by Douglas Newell to accept the Commander’s Appointment.

2nd by Ronnie Maebry

Motion Passed

New Business:

Motion to pay the bills made by Robert Pickett

2nd by Dan Thurston

Motion passed

Good and Welfare:

  • Carl is not doing Well. Doug to get Commander Duff his new address and Commander Duff will send him a Card

Motion to adjourn made by Douglas Newell

2nd by Christopher Paulhus

Motion Passed

Chaplain Ray Chaput gave Benediction

Provost Marshall Richard Fournier uncovered the POW/MIA Chair

Provost Marshall Richard Fournier retired the Colors

Next Meeting will be on January 28, 2019 at the Newington VFW on Kitts Lane @ 7pm

Commander Albert Duff adjourned the Meeting.

                                                      Submitted by;

                                                      Robert Pickett

                        AMVETS Department of Connecticut Adjutant                                                  

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