January 28, 2019 AMVETS Dept of CT Meeting Minutes

AMVETS Department of Connecticut


January 28, 2019

Commander Duff called the Convention Meeting to order at 1900.

Invocation was given by Douglas Newell.

Albert Duff led all in the Pledge of Allegiance.

All Read Preamble.

Dana Dillon made a motion to appoint John Michaels as Post 47 SEC for the Meeting.

2nd by Dan Thurston

Motion Passed

Roll Call of Officers:

Present Were:

Commander – Albert Duff

1st Vice Commander – Christopher Paulhus

2nd Vice Commander – Ronnie Maebry

3rd Vice Commander / Convention Co-Chairman – Carol Hass

Finance Officer / Alt NEC / Membership Director / VAVS Rocky Hill / Foundation President – Douglas Newell

Judge Advocate / Legislative Officer – Dan Thurston

NEC / Communications Officer / By-Laws Committee Chairman – Dana Dillon

PDC / ROTC Chairman / Awards Chairman – James Neeland

Surgeon General / VAVS West Haven – Nick Decerbo

Public Relations Officer – Al Meadows

Ast Public Relations Officer / Ast Legislative Officer – Jodi LoDolce

Excused was:

Adjutant – Robert Pickett

Provost Marshall – Richard Fournier

Chaplain – Ray Chaput

Women’s Veterans Rep – Juliet Taylor

Webmaster – Leon Proctor

ROTC Co-Chairman – Jerry Baggish

Roll Call of Posts Commanders:

Post 1                        Lynn Warner                       Absent

Post 2                        Gerald Dierman                  Absent

Post 9                        Ronnie Maebry                   Present

Post 18          Brian Dusty                          Excused

Post 24          Dan Thurston                      Present

Post 43          Carl Moore                           Absent

Post 45          Chad Colter                          Excused

Post 47          John Michels                        Present

Post 50          Chris Paulhus                       Present

Post 83          Rene Gagnon                       Excused

Post SEC’s:

Post 9                        Ronnie Maebry                   Present

Post 43          Jodi LoDolce                                    Present

Post 45          Chad Colter                          Excused

Post 47          John Michels                        Present

Post 50          John Naumec                      Excused

Post 83          Carol Hass                            Present

Minutes of the September 24, 2018 SEC Meeting

Motion to accept the Minutes as passed out by Dana Dillon

2nd By Douglas Newell

Motion Passed


  • Thank you from Richard Egan for medical equipment delivered to him from Heroes on Wheels
  • Letter from Max Dumont who went to Freedom Foundation
  • Letter from Kerry Fraesso who went to Freedom Foundation
  • Thank You Card from Howard Family for Operation Gift Cards
  • Employer of the Year Nomination Form
  • Agent Orange Endorsement Letter
  • Gerry Wright Membership Letter
  • Laurie Kingsbury email (VA Disability Denial)
  • Heal Team Strategic Plan
  • National 1st District Membership Program
  • Thank you for $1000.00 donation from PAWS


  • Nick DeCerbo          VAVS West Haven                                      $500.00
  • Commander                        Toner for Printing                                      $239.27

Commanders Report – Albert Duff

AMVETS Department of Connecticut

Commander’s Report to the SEC

January 28, 2019

            I would like to welcome everyone to our 1st SEC Meeting of 2019.

            I am not going to sit here before you and tell you everything and every meeting and event that I have attended since our September SEC. Let me assure you I have been out there representing AMVETS Department of CT every chance that I get.

            What I do want to talk about in my report is where we have been and what we need to devote our attention to for the remainder of 2019.


            We are now 5 months into our present membership year and as a Department we stand at 31% Renewals. Nationally we stand at 61% renewals. This mean we are 30% below the National Average. AMVETS Post 50 is the only Post at 100% Renewals. The rest of us have some work to do. AMVETS Post 47 has just sent out emails and Letters to our remaining 28 members that have not renewed. Post 24 shows to be at 2% renewals. Since this report came out, I have been told that 150 Active Duty Renewals have been processed for Post 24. Our Posts need to pick up the pace at getting these renewals. We as an organization cannot survive without our members.  Believe me when I tell you National is doing very little to help You. If you want Renewals, you need to go get them yourself.

            This is the job of the Department 1st Vice Commander. Chris, I need you to get with these Posts and see what is going on and what you can do to help.

Programs Reporting:

For Reporting Period July 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018 only 50% of our posts reported any Programs.  That mean 5 out of 10 posts reported. Total Value of Programs reported equaled $33, 000.00. Thank you to the Following Posts who reported. Posts 18, 43, 45, 47, and 83. AMVETS Department of CT also reported.

We are now in the reporting period for January 1, 2019 to June 30, 2019. To date the follow posts have reports. Post 18, Post 47, Post 83, and the Department of CT. We need to get to 100% reporting in CT.

            This is the job of the Department 2nd Vice Commander.  Ronnie Please get with these Posts and see what is going on and what you can do to help them get these reports in.


            ROTC Chairman James Neeland and ROTC Co-Chairman need to get a list together of all JR ROTC Units and ROTC Units that we will be involved with this year and ensure we have Medals, Certificates and Funding to support these schools. As we will not meet again before some of these schools have their ceremonies. I will need Jim and Jerry to get with Doug and I asap and let us know what you will need for these Presentations. It takes time to order and receive Certificates and Medals.


            We have a lot of great things going on in this area. Nick DeCerbo and his Volunteers continue to support the West Haven VA. Doug Newell and his Volunteers continue to run Bingos at the Rocky Hill Medical Facility. Al Meadows and his volunteers continue to do a great job at the Walter Reed Hospital with Operation Gift Card. Post continue to support veterans at local Nursing Homes. In additions Programs like Heroes on Wheels, Take a Vet Fishing, and other Veteran Programs continue to be supported by AMVETS Department of CT. Recently Doug and I were invited and attended a Ceremony put on by the DAV and Masonic Care in Wallingford and AMVETS was recognized as the main supporter for funding for this program.

NEC Meeting:

            Recently I attended the Winter NEC. I attended all the Meetings that effect this department and our Posts. I must report to you that in my opinion, that as an organization we are not heading in the right direction. I did not get the feeling that National AMVETS has its members as its number 1 priority. Every meeting talked about cuts, not having enough money to do what needs to be done. Their main focus seems to be, where are they going to get the money to pay the bills that they have generated. They continue to take away benefits and, in the future, I believe the NSO Program throughout the United State will be discontinued and replaced by what they call the Virtual NSO. Again, they tapped into the Life Member Fund for money to Pay Bills if they need it. The main problem seems to be this Organization seem to be run by a few people with their own agendas.  Another thing I see being done is they take New business matters that institute changes that should be brought up in New Business and hide them in Officer reports and when you accept the Officer’s report, they have ruled you except the changes. This is totally illegal as you cannot vote on changes during a person’s report. It must be taken up during new Business.

 That being said, I still believe in this Organization. I think that all Districts need to get together and take back control through our NEC and weed out the people with their own agendas. Do understand this will not be easy as getting all 6 Districts to agree on something is as hard as getting all our Legislators to all agree on something.

Other recent changes at the National Level include National getting rid of our National Legislative Director and National Communications Director. And again, when I was down at the NEC in December, National praised these people for the work that they are doing and in January one month later they get rid of these people because they are abusing the system and not properly doing their jobs.

            Since we have gone to 3 meetings and 1 Convention a year it is imperative that we keep in touch with each other and myself to share what is happening.  I have received very few communications from anyone and most of the ones I receive are from communications that I generated. Please keep in contact with me and let me know what is going on. If you need help with something call me. I travel all over this State representing AMVETS and I have no problem going somewhere if someone needs help. Call Me or send me an email.

            Tonight, some of the things we need to lock in include:

  1. Scholarship Application
  2. Department Convention Location and Date
  3. Awards Banquet location and date
  4. Appointment of new Service Foundation Treasurer


Albert J. Duff

Albert J. Duff

AMVETS Dept of CT Commander

1st Vice Commander’s Report – Christopher Paulhus

Have been active working with veterans in my area. Attended Post 47 Spaghetti and Meatball Supper.

2nd Vice Commander’s Report – Ronnie Maebry

Has been working with National to get his access to the Program Reporting. He states he is now online to access this file.

3rd Vice Commanders Report – Carol Hass

Carol reported she has been working the Bingo’s at the Rocky Hill Veterans Medical Center.

Adjutants Report – Robert Pickett

No Report

Finance Officer’s Report – Douglas Newell

Finance Report was passed out.

Judge Advocate Report – Dan Thurston

No Report

Provost Marshall Report – Richard Fournier

No Report

NEC Report – Dana Dillon



January 2019

            Greetings fellow AMVETS, I hope this new year finds you all healthy and in good spirits! I have just recently come back from our winter First National District Meeting. I attended this with Department Commander Al Duff and Alternate NEC Doug Newell. This was held in Sturbridge Massachusetts at the Sturbridge Host Hotel. All six states were represented there, and we had a good round table on Saturday and a good meeting on Sunday. Discussed

 Club 200 money back if 130 tickets are not sold by April 1.

Incentive program Dec 1, 2018-July 31, 2019

Rewording CBL re: term limits on elected positions

No members no organization We have to step up to get members! Not priority for National instead, where is money for bills.

 Nat Cmdrs. project Arizona dock

 Hospitality room in Kentucky

Storm the hill

 Programming reporting still slow

Guest speaker Gerry Wright Agent Orange

 In December I attended the NEC in Baltimore Maryland. This was held at the BWI Marriott Hotel. I was there with Department Commander Al Duff and Alternate NEC Doug Newell. I attended the National Service foundation Meeting, National Finance Committee Meeting, the business meetings the Legislative meeting and programs. During the NEC, I tried to get concrete information on what the HEAL Team has done this last 9 months for us. They will not give us exact numbers. Instead dance around the questions with more information of what they are trying to do.

NEC voted to use up to $ 1,000,000 of the Life Membership fund as a revolving credit as needed to pay bills (I voted against it!) They stated if they did not get this to pass, that AMVETS would not be able to pay its bills and would fold very soon. That the money is just sitting there doing nothing. The Commander had every officer on the diose stand up behind him and then say that they all agreed that this was a good thing. (I do not think this was right. It is almost a bully tactic. IMO)

National signed an MOU with Novation Networks to be able to have them come into local posts and train veterans in Broadband, Wireless and Infrastructure Technician Training Courses.

They also signed an MOU with JUUL this will allow Posts to sign with Juul to be a nonsmoking post and the veterans to sign up to get Juul e-cigarettes for $ 5.00 for the starter set. The post would get $ 3,000 over a 60-day period.

 National fired two personnel recently one was the legislative advisor Amy Web, the second was John Hoelworth, Communication Director without the district commanders. They did not notify them and did not follow proper procedures yet again!

 Events: We will be Storming the Hill in March! Come join us. The week of the 11th -16. We go and visit our State Congressman and Women and talk to them about AMVETS top Priorities.

Taps: For those of you who may have known them

 PNC Cleve Geer (FL)

 PDC Ferdie Brand (FL)

PDC Les Taylor (ME)

                                                                        Dana Dillon, NEC

                                                                        AMVETS Dept of Connecticut

Alternate NEC Report – Douglas Newell

Attended a meeting with a new employee of National AMVETS who was hired to Promote and help raise funds for AMVETS. She put on a presentation showing some of the ideas she had and when the presentation was over, the committee responded by saying they had no money to support her program. He also attended the Membership Meeting where Harry Neil said to call your members who have not renewed and instead of asking them for money, thank them for their past memberships and let them know you are calling to check up on them as you have not heard or seen them in a while and you are calling to see how they are doing.

Past Department Commander Report – James Neeland

Attended the September and January SEC Meetings. Attended Post Visits to Posts 50, 24, and 9 with the Commander. Attended the Red, White, and Blue Ceremony at St Patrick’s Cathedral in Norwich with Chris Paulhus. Attended Rocky Hill Bingo’s at Rocky Hill in October, November, and January. Attended the Veteran’s Advisory Meeting in the Legislative Building on 10-24-18 with Commander Al Duff.

Legislative Officer’s Report – Dan Thurston

 The legislative is back in session and I have attended 1 meeting and I had to miss the 2nd one. There is another meeting scheduled for February 1, 2019 and February 14, 2019. Senator Blumenthal has also scheduled a meeting for February 20, 2019 at his office in Hartford at 5pm. There are no issues on the radar yet. The Veterans Affairs Committee has a lot of new members

Assistant Legislative Officer – Jodi LoDolce

She is happy to be working with Dan. She is on the Contact List for meetings and events that will be coming up. They continue to try to do things behind our backs and are not good at returning phone calls. Need to stay persistent when trying to contact them.  

Foundation President’s Report – Dan Thurston

The Foundation met this evening prior to this meeting. We approved up to $1,300.00 for a 2019 Department Pin. It is up to the SEC to come up with a design for the pin. We shuffled some positions on the Service Foundation. Douglas Newell is your new Foundation President. Dana Dillon is the new Vice President of the Service Foundation and Dan Thurston is the new Service Foundation Treasurer. New positions to be affective after tonight.

Membership Director Report – Douglas Newell

 I got a call from Post 1 saying that they did not receive renewals. I put these people in and they are supposed to send me a check to cover these memberships. Doug suggest that you create a Post Card to send you members who have not renewed. Al Duff created a couple of letters for members who have not renewed for 1 or 2 years.  He will send you these templates if you would like. Doug suggested that in a letter we should also list what their dues help support. Al Meadows said he also had a 2-page flyer talking about our programs that he would send the post to include with the letter. Al Duff said he would create a new letter outlining what Doug had suggested and send it out.

Public Relations Officer Report – Al Meadows

Al spoke about Operation Gift Card. 166 Visits. Over 1 and a half million dollars in gift cards and items given out. He said Juliet was on her way home from a visit that day with Operation Gift Card. Al also spoke about when Patients are receiving care for wounds that they received, they are Temporarily discharged from the Military and loose their benefits. If they are able to return to Duty after their care. The time they spent recovering does not count towards their Military Service. Operation Heroes on Wheels – Al reported that in the last few weeks they delivered 3 electric wheel chairs and other equipment. They have also picked up some equipment.

Assistant Public Relation Officer Report – Jodi LoDolce

Jodi reported on a Women Veteran who was not receiving the care she needed. After a lot of time they were finally able to help her. Jodi said she assists Juliet with cases involving Women Veterans. Working together with Al Meadows and Post 43 they are able to accomplish helping these women get the help that they need. Al Duff reported that Jerry Day has a Scooter that needs to be donated to a Veteran.

Communication Officer’s Report – Dana Dillon

Keep letting us know what is going on. Facebook is a great way to get the word out. Take Pictures. Make sure if you attend any event and you or the event would bring negative publicity to AMVETS. Do NOT wear anything that represents AMVETS. IE: Hats, Jackets, or shirts to name a few. We need to positively promote AMVETS

Women’s Veterans Rep Report – Juliet Taylor

Jodi LoDolce reported that she has been working with Juliet on Women Veteran Issues. Jodi reported that Juliet has been working with many Women Veterans.

Surgeon General’s Report – Nick DeCerbo

Nick spoke about staying away from animal saliva, as it carries a lot of germs. Still not to late to get the Flu Shot. If you are in a crowd don’t be ashamed to tell a smoker that the smoke bothers you.

District 1 Report – Albert Duff


Report to the 1st District

January 13, 2019

Commander Spreng, National Officers, District 1 Officers, Department Officers, AMVETS, and Guests.

            I bring you greetings from AMVETS Department of CT, Our Officers and Members. I am very happy to be here in Sturbridge as not far from here in Southbridge, MA is where I was born. So being here this weekend is like coming home again.


            Membership is coming in very slow at this point. Like a lot of States our membership is down from where it was a year ago. Be it the lack of being able to pick up Younger Veterans, or be it the lack of being able to retain members due to members moving, the economy, or members passing on. One thing is easy to see and that is if we cannot change this trend, we will not be here in the years to come. I do not believe that there is an easy answer to this question and I surely do not believe that National has this on their top priorities.

Fund Raising:

            Again, I will report to you that Fund Raising continue to decline in the State of Connecticut. The solicitors have many excuses and reasons on why they feel donations are down. I do believe that we are going to have to look for other ways to Raise money if we are going to stay in business.

Program Reporting:

I will report to you today that for the Period ending December 31, 2018 Connecticut had 5 out of 10 posts report Programs. Total Value of these programs totaled a little over $33,000.00.

Hospitalized Veterans:

            This is an area that I feel we are very strong in in Connecticut. We have programs going on at our West Haven Campus. We hold Monthly Bingos at our Rocky Hill Medical Center. We are a Major Supporter of Operation Gift Card and Heroes on Wheels. AMVETS is active and in attendance at the Quarterly VSO Meetings put on by the Commissioner.  And Posts are active in area Nursing Homes with the Veteran Patients. AMVETS is working with the Commissioner and his staff on securing office space at Rocky Hill. Doug Newell and I were invited to attend a Presentation made to the Wallingford Masonic Care and Veteran who received a wheel chair from Heroes on Wheels.

SEC Meetings:

            Our next SEC Meeting will be held on Monday January 28, 2019 @ 7pm at the Newington VFW on Kitts Lane. Our Service Foundation will meet prior to the SEC at 6pm at the same Location.

State Convention:

We have not set a firm date and location for next year State Convention. I am going to bring up at the SEC that we should hold this event on Saturday June 15th  at the Yalesville VFW. Again, this is not a set date as of yet and I will let everyone know what was voted on after the January SEC.

Women Veterans:

Our Women Veterans Representative Juliet Taylor has been very busy working with Women Veterans to he them get the help they need. In addition, she has been very busy in her community and state helping veterans get the support they need. She is also been very active with Operation Gift Card.

Commander Spreng,

After attending the last NEC Meeting in Maryland, I am very concerned where we are going as an Organization. I urge everyone here to go back to your states and let them know that as members of AMVETS we need to be aware of what National is doing and where they are taking this organization. This is a Great Organization with a lot of Great people that is being controlled by a few people with their own agendas.

This concludes my Report and I move for its adoption.

Chaplain’s Report – Ray Chaput

No Report

Webmaster Report – Leon Proctor

No Report

Motion to accept all Officer Reports made by Dana Dillon

2nd by Douglas Newell

Motion passed

Committee Reports:

ROTC Chairman – James Neeland

I have sent letters out to the High Schools in Connecticut that have Jr. ROTC and Colleges in Connecticut that have ROTC letting them know about our ROTC Program. Starting tomorrow I will start making Phone call and setting up contacts.

ROTC Co-Chairman – Jerry Baggish

No Report

Convention Chairman – Douglas Newell

I have reserved the VFW for June 15, 2019 as everyone seem to express this was the date that best fit their schedules. So, if approved tonight by this body we will move forward.

Convention Co-Chairman – Carol Hass

See Chairman Report

By-Laws Committee Chairman – Dana Dillon

She has a Revision of a resolution that Will be submitted to National dealing with National Officer Time Limits in Office.

Awards Chairman – James Neeland

I will be working with the Commander to get the Awards set up.

Heroes on Wheels – John Chan

Last year, I helped 43 veterans.  Of that total, some veterans received multiple pieces of equipment, as subsequent needs were identified.

I have each recipient sign a Release of Liability for Donated Equipment, holding DAV and AmVets, its officers, agents, and volunteers harmless from any damage or harm from use of the donated equipment.  Subsequent donations to the same veteran do not require re-signing.

27 of the 43 veterans were helped at Stand Down Day, when I took my DAV van full of equipment to give out to needy veterans.  (see attached) Most donations are made to veterans without any publicity.  However, the veteran pictured at Stand Down was so grateful, he wanted his photo taken.  He was a pretty large guy, with a manual wheelchair, trying to propel himself.  He really needs an oversize powered wheelchair (which I had, but didn’t bring with me) but he told me he was happy with the chair and now had incentive to lose some weight, as he drove away.

The other exception of surreptitious donations are to veterans at Masonicare.  They all get the Connecticut Freemasons Magazine and have seem my numerous articles in that magazine of my donations and everyone there are keen on the publicity.  Attached is my article when I took down a donated wheelchair ramp, which was reassembled and redonated last year.

Then we had the Masonicare Presentation that you and Commander Duff attended.  My article will be published in the February issue of the CT Freemason’s Magazine.  My submission is attached.

Following our presentation, I had two veterans from Masonicare called me.  One needed a scooter and the other a wheelchair.  Roger Cerbie was a Vietnam veteran who needed the scooter and Jon Rancourt, a Korean War veteran needed a wheelchair.  I will be submitting another article on those donations in the March issue.  I try to get as much publicity as possible on our program.

Doug, what I desperately need is funding to get a storage shed built that I can use as a work shop.  Currently, I have to go to the 5×10 storage unit (which by the way is jam full) get a wheelchair, bring it home and work on it in my driveway.  The storage unit has now power and I have to rotate the chairs to my home to keep the batteries charged.

When John Rancourt needed his wheelchair, being he was a large size, I had to refurbished his chair in the DAV van, with the engine running for heat, since we are in winter.  It was very cramped in the wheelchair space, and it took three times longer than usual to get the batteries replaced and clean up the chair. 

I also need an enclosed trailer to pick up equipment too large to fit in the DAV van.  I borrowed that trailer to pick up the wheelchair ramp and had to since turn away other donations of ramps, lack means to transport them.  Ramps are important, for the veterans to be able to get the donated heavy wheelchairs into their homes.

I thank you and AmVets for your support to make this program possible.

Thanks, and Fraternally,
John Chan
(860) 518-3553

Dana Reported: in addition, the following were given out: 5 Power Chairs, 3 scooters, 2 Manual Wheel Chairs, 3 Walkers, 1 Chair Lift, 2 Hoyers

Suicide Awareness Chairman – Dana Dillon  

I have been passing out Bracelets and Pamphlets. If you have someone in your Post that does Suicide Awareness, I can help them get the information and materials that they need. I can help them get contacts inside the VA system. Get out there at your events and help spread the word. Women have the highest rate of suicide at this time.

Motion to accept all Committee Reports made by Doug Newell

2nd by Dana Dillon

Motion Passed

VAVS Reports:

VAVS West Haven – Nick DeCerbo

 Every Year I stay away from the Hospital for 4 weeks starting 2 weeks before Christmas as the hospital is filled with people you never see all year. Ronnie Maebry is my Deputy at West Haven. He has been approved through National and has met all the requirements to volunteer at the hospital. We will be starting up our programs.

VAVS Rocky Hill – Douglas Newell

We had our Bingo on the 9th. It was kind of hectic as we came back from the District Meeting. We are getting a good crowd again at our Bingos.

Motion to accept the VAVS Reports made by Christopher Paulhus

2nd by Dana Dillon

Motion passed

Post Reports;

Post 1                        No Report

Post 2                        No Report

Post 9                        We are working on our membership. We are planning a Spaghetti supper. George Gate is in a Nursing Home.

Post 18          No Report

Post 24          We had our annual Holiday Meals where we handed out over 100 complete meals to needy families in the area. Last night we held our annual Awards Night. I am turning the Post membership over to the Department. Transition should be quick.

Post 43          Jodi reported she will be working with Juliet on Post 43 Membership. Al reported that they had their dinner for the Volunteer Drivers. Shirts were given out to the new Drivers.          

Post 45          No Report

Post 47          Post 47 continues to work on our Membership. We will have another Softball League starting at the end of April. We will have a Steak Dinner February 15, 2019. Cost $20.00 Per Person. We will be holding a Golf Tournament on June 23, 2019. AMVETS is working with Novations. They have installed their antennas on our Building already

Post 50          We have been holding our regular Post meetings. In December I attended a Wreaths Across America in Willimantic. I attended Post 47’s Spaghetti Dinner the other night. We made a donation to the Soup Kitten in Willimantic. When it gets warmer, I want to have a White Clover Drive. We have a new Coffee House in Willimantic. They meet on Wednesdays 9am to noon.    

Post 83          We have not had any meeting. Our last meeting was canceled and rescheduled for February 18, 2019 due to the Weather.        

Motion to accept all Post Reports made by Ronnie Maebry

2nd by Dana Dillon

Motion passed

Unfinished Business:

Convention Location:

Motion made by Dana Dillon that we hold a 1 Day Department Convention on June 15, 2019 at the Yalesville VFW.

2nd By Ronnie Maebry

Albert Duff will get out information in the near future.

Motion Passed

Letter Submitted to Commissioners Office requesting Office Space:

This has been submitted

New Business:

White Clover Awards:

The SEC was reminded that all White Clover Nominations need to be Submitted in Writing by the April SEC Meeting. No Verbal Nominations will be accepted.

Winners must receive at least 2/3rd votes of the Voting members at the April SEC to Win.  Up to 2 Awards may be given.

Winners will be announced at the Awards Banquet.

Department White Clover Drive:

Motion made by Dana Dillon that we get our Posts together and hold a White Clover Drive where the Funds will be donated to AMVETS Department of Connecticut.

2nd by Christopher Paulhus

Motion Passed

Department Budget Changes:

Motion made by Ronnie Maebry to reduce the State Convention 2018-2019 Budget from $10, 000.00 to $2, 000.00. A reduction of $8,000.00.

2nd by John Michaels

Motion passed

Motion made by Dana Dillon to reduce the VAVS Budget from $7,250.00 to $4,000.00.  A reduction of $3,250.00.

2nd by Ronnie Maebry

Motion Passed

Motion was made by Dana Dillon to Increase the Heroes on Wheels Budget from $4,000.00 to $6,000.00. An increase of $2,000.00.

2nd by Ronnie Maebry

Motion Passed

NOTE: All changes to the Budget were recommended by the Department Finance Officer

Employer of The Year:

Must be submitted to National by May 31, 2019

AMVET Dept of CT Pin:

Motion made by Dana Dillon that we take Idea submissions until March 15, 2019. Send Submissions to Albert Duff, who will share Ideas with SEC Voting Members.

2nd By Douglas Newell

Motion Passed

Agent Orange Endorsement Letter:

Motion made by Ronnie Maebry that AMVETS Department sign and support the Agent Orange Fairness Act.

2nd by Douglas Newell

Motion Passed.

Awards Banquet:

Motion was made by James Neeland to hold the Convention at Chatterley’s.

2nd by Dana Dillion.

Under discussion: Doug asked what was the cost last year. It was also stated that we had low attendance.  Doug Suggested that we combine it with the Convention.

James Neeland withdrew his Motion. Dana withdrew her 2nd.

Motion Passed.

Motion made by Dana Dillion to hold the Awards Banquet after the Convention at the Yalesville VFW.

2nd by Doug Newell

Motion passed

Motion to pay the bills made by Dana Dillon

2nd by Christopher Paulhus

Motion passed

Good and Welfare:

  • Next Department News Letter will go out on January 30, 2019
  • Send Card to Ray Chaput
  • Send card to George Cates

Motion to adjourn made by Dana Dillon

2nd by Dan Thurston

Motion Passed

Doug Newell gave Benediction

Albert Duff retired the Colors

Next Meeting will be on April 22, 2019 at the Newington VFW on Kitts Lane @ 7pm

Commander Albert Duff adjourned the Meeting.

                                                      Submitted by;

                                                      Robert Pickett

                        AMVETS Department of Connecticut Adjutant                                                  

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