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White Clover Medal

The White Clover Medal is a National award that was devel­oped and approved a num­ber of years ago. It is recog­ni­tion for an AMVETS mem­ber who exem­pli­fies ser­vice to veterans, most often ser­vice to our hospitalized veterans. There is not one specific set of criteria; in fact various Departments have differing criteria.

However, it is frequently used to recognize a individual who has performed some special task(s) in the line of service to hospitalized veterans.

Some departments/posts award it to the person leading the most successful “White Clover Drive” since the money raised is frequently used for the benefit of patients at the Veterans Affairs Med­ical Centers.

Some department/posts award it to the person who represents their “AMVET of the Year,” again based on individuals impres­sive accomplish­ments in ser­vice to veterans. Typically, departments/posts using this recognition make one or two awards per year.

New Jersey has the White Clover Medal for $15.00 each includes shipping charges.

Please contact:

AMVETS Department of New Jersey
611 Beverly-Rancocas Road

Willingboro NJ 08046

Tel: 609-526-4356 * Fax: 609-526-4659

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