April 2018 member report


April 2018 AMVETS EXECUTIVE Report


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June July and August veterans joining AMVETS in June July and August are given 2019 end dates instead of 2018. This was created years ago so a member would not get another invoice a few months after joining.

15 July: Revalidations are due to HQ no later than 15 July but get them in earlier or we get swamped with data entry. Next years card list is also pulled on 15 July and sent to printers. The Dept will get the 2019 cards in time to send them to the Posts. When a member pays at the Post he get his card.

22 July: Invoices are being applied Revalidation forms are required on the 15ththis gives us a week to get any post or Dept dues changes in the system. Dues changes on your revalidation are voted on by the members and include a CBL change.

1 August: Invoice list to Printers for mailing to members.

Set your 2018 recruiting goal at 10%


cid:19876171-f45c-46da-a046-93a23738689c@namprd12.prod.outlook.comThe attached report for the end of March shows our average growth is at 3.5%. Page 8 shows WV, TN, FL and AK all higher than 7% growth. Keep up the good work!

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DevelopState recruiting brochures. Send in a copy of your brochure and we will display them at convention. We can have a contest with a prize. See where your Dept stands on page 8. 1st Vice’s set your 2018 goal this year at 10% growth. Everyone should have a number on paper and talk about strategies at Post and Departments to achieve the goal. HQ will continue to support your recruiting efforts with brochures and service ovals. Many Departments are stepping up to the plate to purchase table covers for post recruiting efforts. A number of Posts have ordered their own custom labelled table covers. Our AMVETS store has tablecloths.http://www.amvetsqm.org/. You can get brochure holders here for around a buck each. Support your Posts.https://www.displaysandholders.com/best-seller-trifold-holder.html


FullSizeRenderRecruiting Kit. Login and go to my shopping cart. You can buy challenge coins,recruiting kits,gold cards and replacement cards.

The peel of part (back)of the recruiting oval has the following

AMVETS was chartered by Congress in 1947.

AMVETS fought for and got you the GI Bill and VA home loan.

AMVETS-Call of Duty Endowment Career Centers help veterans find work.

AMVETS NSOs assist active duty members, veterans, members of the National Guard and Reserves and surviving family members with their claims for VA benefits.

You benefit and your membership supports these initiatives.

Active duty and honorably discharged members of the Army, Air Force, Navy,

Marines, Coast Guard and the National Guard and Reserves can join AMVETS.

Join us at www.AMVETS.org

Peel, place and be proud of your service!


Our membership, your e-rosters.


When you log in and look at your e-rosters, look at the end dates in the K column of you will see 2016, 2017 and 2018. A quick sort will put all the 2016’s on top. The 2016 members will stay on your roster for a one-year period to give you the opportunity to get them back in the game. They will be dropped at the end of August. Start a buddy system with your members.  Match a current member with an expired member.  Ask them to make the call and you engage 2 members. Get everyone involved in building AMVETS. Departments have the same challenge with the members at large. What is your MAL engagement policy? Last call! They will disappear from your roster soon. Engaging members is essential.


How to sort and filter your data a video click here!


 Question? Why was military equipment poorly maintained in Saudi Arabia? The local potentates outlawed the PS Preventive Maintenance Monthly because it had scantily clad women telling men what to do.

From UPI “The magazine, like U.S. troops stationed in Saudi Arabia with Operation Desert Shield, must bow to Islamic views on women. Connie and Bonnie are covered from neck to calf and no longer give orders to men. ‘We reduced the size of their bosoms and made them a little bit less sexy,’ Backes said. Connie Rodd, a blond bombshell, was born during the Korean War, with actress ____________as a model. Her counterpart, Bonnie, dates from Vietnam.

For the AMVETS Tie TAC: Connie Rodd, the blonde female maintenance instructor in the PS Preventive Maintenance Monthly, was patterned after a popular actress. What was her name?  Note: At the request of Congresswoman Bella Abzug ,Senators William Proxmire and Orrin Hatch, the PS Preventive Maintenance Monthly updated the images to more modest and professional forms around1980. The last paper Issue of PS Preventive Maintenance Monthly was July 2017. Now it is an online APP.


An AMVETS pin to the 1st person to ID this Women Veteran!


The first woman to receive The Purple Heart as a result of combat was 1Lt Annie G. Fox, while serving at Hickam Field during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Dec 7 1941. Lt Fox was later awarded the Bronze Star.


Annie Fox

Scott R. Brown

1st Vice Commander

Florida Amvets Post 81 and Elton Jones of TN -22 both had the correct answer



The first person to recruit 10 women veterans get $100!


Just Ask

You will be asked to show your pocket application at the next meeting. Ask your Dept for some. If your Dept is out of the pocket applications email membersupport @amvets.org and provide an address and we will send you some pocket applications.

When you sign up a new member capture the information on an application form. The membership brochure also has a good form and it provides the new member a tear off receipt. Some Depts. have custom applications. Another form available is the new member application which is online under forms, #11.


and a word from our sponsors


My wallet has a USAA VISA in it and USAA has been insuring me and later my family since I was in the service. There was a time when USAA only insured military officers because no other carriers would assume the risk. It was founded by Military Men! USAA also sponsors our bling and the prizes in ourRecruit 5 Member Drive. Congratulation to our April winner Gil Devine the AZ 1st Vice! And, oh yea, Heroes, if the southern boys aren’t plying me with the mountain grown Popcorn Sutton variety Heroes is my next choice when I drink Vodka. Heroes Vodka Founder, Travis McVeigh, is a Marine and an AMVETS member.








AMVETS CAR Donation Program!

Image result for austin healey 100 4

Don’t forget to pass the word about theAMVETS car donation program! Tax time is here. Call 877-999-8322 to donate that old hooptie to AMVETS for your big write off.Note: If you know where one of these British machines is sitting I’ll give you more than the IRS and a finder’s fee.


When I send these reports to Post Commanders and 1st vice (2,000 emails) I get 100 or so bounces. Please ask your leaders to login and update their emails.(well they can’t do you know why?)

Service Dates

The IRS will ask to see your e-roster with service dates before they will ask to see DD-214’s. How many service dates do you have for your members??


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Thanks for helping veterans!

Harry Neal

AMVETS National Membership Director


US Army Infantry


Eagle Card

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