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Make your Memorial Day plans. It is our opportunity to remind America of the sacrifices made, the lives lost. AMVETS has a personal connection and an obligation.






We see civil war in countries around the world. Internal battles, ideas escaping and brought to life in conflict. Ideologies brought us the 38th parallel and a divided Korean Peninsula.  When Mohammed passed, who got the tent Abu or Ali? Sunni and Shia haven’t been talking for 1400 years. Long argument. The winners shed the blood of patriots and ideas lost spill the blood of terrorists. Four years of Civil War carnage in America left 600,000 Americans dead on battlefields across the nation.  To remember the 600,000 brother’s sisters mothers and fathers that fell on Americas soil, the last Monday in May is set aside as Memorial Day. We remember as a Nation and as individuals. We will represent you on the Nations Mall again this year.

Reflection is good for the soul.

If you are in DC over the Memorial Day weekend stop by our tent. We will be onsite Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Plan your Post and Dept events. If you need some literature email Warren Cox at Let us know  the 5 W’s.

Gabriel Conde died for America Tuesday last week. He was 22. He died in Afghanistan, far from his family and friends in Loveland Colorado. He didn’t die alone, he was with AMVETS and he is remembered by AMVETS. Gabriel


Image result for gossipYes its true can you believe it. They have 15,547 members with a 2017 end date that haven’t renewed. And…they have 9,878 members with a 2016 expiration date.

And can you believe they only have 4% female veterans and they will give $100 if you recruit 10 women vets. Yea and you can get a discount on T mobile using the AMVETS promo code. WOW. Have you heard about the HEAL team?









What does the acronym stand for? A tie tac for the correct response.


Special Bonus Prize Name all 6 members of the HEAL team. (another tie tac)





They have 15,547 members with a 2017 end date that haven’t renewed. And…they have 9,878 members with a 2016 expiration date.

What can I do as a green hat?

Email all your members with emails. We have 50% emails. Get more emails!

Fold your lists over get your post members to make the call. If only 10 people are coming to the meetings have them call 10 members and give each member 5 people to call. Get everybody in the game.

True or False: If my Posts gets 100% emails I can get an award from HQ? Yes you can but you also need 100% service dates on your roster.


Want what you have.

Image result for dalai lama

It’s easier to keep a member than get a new one!




Reward your Steller performers and Posts. Submit!!!! Print the attachment 2018 awards program.


Can you hear me now chief! No, ok I will email you. Oh! you don’t have an email. Well chief I think you should open a T Mobile account. Why T mobile MAX? Haven’t you heard, they are supporting AMVETS! And you get free Netflix! I’ll have 86 print the attachment for you.


Veterans spend their life with AMVETS. We honor their continued service to America and their friendship. Attached is the list of our members passing this year to share at your SEC.




















Recruit 5 Member Drive

You get a challenge coin for every 5 members you bring in. You are also entered into the I pad give away. We are giving away three I pad mini’s You are also entered in a one week California vacation for two, which is awarded at convention. The I Pad Minis are courtesy of USAA.


What in your wallet? 132868-0911_AMVETS_CC_Front

T-Mobile Sprint and AMVETS

What is 5G???


Elections-Revalidation Forms-IRS Confirmation

Get your revalidation forms to HQ as soon as possible and we will get you in the database so you can start leading from the front. Your leadership position gives you the access to see your rosters and change database information. If you are getting this email as the outgoing Commander or 1st Vice please pass it on the new guy. Give him a 1 year hot wash so he knows where not to step.

Image result for taxman


This year take a look at the IRS new tool the EOBMF. Find your ein and know the IRS holds you in good standing. Don’t see your ein let me know so we can solve the problem. As a leader, you may not be involved in filing the 990’s. You should always ask to see the confirmation. It closes the circle. Why should the person submitting the 990N have a printer? (answer is in second image below) Why is the 1st confirmation OK? What is the issue with the second confirmation below? Note the note, on the second IRS Confirmation of Submission (IRSCS)


If you are a canteen there is a good chance you are paying someone to do your 990. Their receipt looks a little different see below from a LA CPA. Make sure you have a copy of the IRS Confirmation of Submission (IRSCS)




Here are 3 tools you can use to manage your Post(s)



IRS Select Check



Lead from the front!



jimi army

AMVETS Tie tac to the member that IDs this guitar playing soldier.


Eye yes mon…. don’t fret me brother second report come soon (with numbers) chill Winston



Appreciate all you do to help veterans!

Memorial Day is to remember better days.

Harry Neal

AMVETS National Membership Director


US Army Infantry

Eagle Card

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