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To: Membership Committee Dept Commanders,ED and 1st Vice,

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October New Joins

  • 1044 New Members average age 58 and we still only have 50% emails???
  • 104 of these new members are female with a median age of 48 (5% overall)
  • 141 of these new members are life members with an avetage age of 57
  • The 877 annual members median age is 58
  • We also show 25 conversions with an average age of 59.
  • Youngest member in this group is 18 in LA-7. The Oldest is 95 in FL-88. I eliminated the -27 yr old in PA-103 and the 125 year old in FL-26.

What can we learn from these stats. Our organisation appeals to veterans in their  50’s. They are buying our product so if you are looking for new members you should look at people in their 50’s.

The median age of our total is 65 so we are attracting young members.


Welcome, AMVETS helps veterans and we need your input to grow as an organization. Visit www.amvets.org  and explore. You control your information. Login under membership. Your membership number is your login name and password. Follow AMVETS on Facebook and Twitter. Get in the digital game and share AMVETS info on your page. Look for the weekly AMVETS Update email and participate in our legislative alerts. Our member benefit partners may contact you. You can opt out by  selecting solicitation hold(log in go to edit).

Check out the attached Colliers piece from our archives.

The video below puts your service in perspective check it out.


Use your temp card in the email receipt until your membership card arrives (about 2 weeks).


Harry Neal

AMVETS National Membership Director


US Army Infantry


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