Tuesday Danielson Veterans Coffeehouse

To All Our Coffeehouse Supporters

The Tuesday morning Coffeehouse attendance is growing monthly.  When we started almost three (3) years ago there were fewer than 25 veterans at the first few meetings. Now we are averaging 50 to 55 and have had standing room only on some occasions.  That’s the good news and we am extremely happy to give it to you.  Unfortunately this means that we are now going to have to restrict the TUESDAY MORNING COFFEEHOUSE TO VETERANS ONLY.

It would be unfair for us to have to turn away any veteran (because of lack of space) from the Veterans Coffeehouse in order to accommodate a non veteran.  Wives and one guest are still welcome to the Evening Coffeehouse.

The MORNING COFFEEHOUSE will now be OPEN TO ONLY VETERANS, a person helping a handicapped (i.e. wheelchair bound) veteran and our present volunteers.  We know this may not sit well with some of you but we have no choice at this time.  Understand that as part of our 5 year plan the Board of Directors is exploring opportunities to expand the size of the coffeehouse and see a new location and solution. We will be bringing this up at our regular meetings to reach those who do not get email.


Thank you for understanding.

Danielson Veterans Coffeehouse Board of Directors

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