Support our Connecticut veterans through social work

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Hi Albert,

Among others, we share one simple responsibility: to help our veterans succeed in what ways our obligations can allow us to. Our work at is to provide the materials needed for social work professionals to flourish in their careers and extend a helping hand to our communities.

As a part of our commitment to aiding our veterans, we’ve created a guide to military and veterans affairs social work licensure – a resource providing degree, licensing and certification, and salary and career outlook information, along with a Connecticut State and a general guide to social work licensure. It’s our hope that these guides will help ease the journey for those who are pursuing a path in social work, and especially those with an interest in helping our veterans and servicemembers.

Have a look at our guides here:

Guide to Military and Veterans Affairs Social Work Licensure –

Guide to Social Work Licensure in Connecticut –

Guide to Becoming a Social Worker –

The sacrifices our veterans have made go too often forgotten or unrepaid. But we can give back in a small, meaningful way, with a simple gesture from you: please post a link to these guides on the American Veterans Department of Connecticut website, for instance, here: Your contribution will make a positive impact on the health of our veteran and servicemember communities.

Thank you for your help in sharing these educational resources.

Thank you,Allison Bowman |
Marketing Communications
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