Refund Report and Veterans day handouts w better FAQs

Oct 2017 refund post     2017_09_30_MembershipMatters_Final

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To: Membership Committee, Dept Commanders, 1st Vice and ED, District Commanders

Some questions have come up about veterans day. We are no longer giving free memberships on Veterans Day.

Use the day as a recruiting opportunity for your Post and Department.

Posts setting up at events should

  1. Buy or borrow your Departments loaner table Cover. Be professional
  2. Ask your Department for Brochures. (If they are out we will provide brochures. We also have recruiting ovals available email  for support materials. Be specific and provide an address.)
  3. Use your State AMVETS Brochures. Ask your Department for them.
  4. Create your Post handouts. You can use the attached FAQ document and the Uncle Sam attachment just change the contact information. It is in word. You might use a printer (Office Depot) and folder for quantities of the FAQ trifold. Print it on both sides of a sheet and it folds to show the card and title.

  1. Represent and recruit for the entire AMVETS family. Aux, Sons, Riders. Contact membership if you need assistance.

The refund Report is attached so you will know the amount your Dept owes your post.

Our numbers for the 1st Month of the new membership year (Sept) are included. At the beginning of the year all your 2017 annuals are no longer counted . They are counted again as they renew to 2018. We renewed half of our annual members in the 1st month.

National will be on the Mall backing to the Vietnam Memorial. If you are in the AO stop by. Doucumnt your events on facebook and give us a heads up and pics so we can share our day in the digital world.

Harry Neal

AMVETS National Membership Director


US Army Infantry

Eagle Card

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From: Harry Neal
Sent: Wednesday, November 1, 2017 10:48 AM
Cc: Warren Cox <>
Subject: RE: Membership Drive


Do you have AMVETS brochures? Do you have a tablecloth? When you say they are giving you member applications are these the application on the brochure or a separate application. We can send a pack of service ovals and a few co-branded flashlight to use as give away. Try to tie the better give away to a successful member recruitment. Its easy to give stuff away use them as an incentive. If you don’t have  table cover many departments purchase them to loan to Posts for recruiting efforts.

Does Florida have a Dept specific recruiting Brochure?

Does your Post have a brochure?

Consider modifying the attached Uncle Sam for your Post.

Modify the FAQs with your post POC

Where should we send the ovals & flashlights (address)

Harry Neal

AMVETS National Membership Director


US Army Infantry

Eagle Card

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From: Neil Fountaine []
Sent: Wednesday, November 1, 2017 9:42 AM
To: Harry Neal <>
Subject: Membership Drive


We are holding a membership drive November 9, 2017 at the VA Clinic here in Cape Coral.

I have asked Florida Executive Director to send me more applications for that date.

But could the National send me promotional items for hand-outs for that date please?

Thank you

Neil Fountaine

AMVETS Post FL-0081


North Fort Myers, Florida

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