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[No Brainer] You Get a Gift and Wounded Warrior Project Gets a Donation
Hey Veterans,
There are a lot of great items out there that you can get for free by just paying a small shipping fee.
This one is something special…
Currently you can get a FREE patriotic bracelet and do something good (don’t worry you can wear it and still be manly)
For every free bracelet ordered, a donation is made to the Wounded Warrior Project. Over $4,773.70 already donated to our soldiers!

>> Please forward this email to every patriot in your email address book…. And ask them to do the same. This bracelet needs to be worn across the country by millions of people. <<
Get yours FREE – Click Here
These bracelets honor and celebrate the bold sacrifices made by countless patriots.
For a limited time you can get one for FREE (while supplies last). You just have to pay $2.95 shipping/handling fee.
If you decide you want more to give out to your friends and family, you can get up to 20 at a time.
Click Here to get yours now
Not only does the Patriotic Paracord Bracelet represent our fearlessness against terrorism it even has some really cool survival tools built inside.
Hope you enjoy this item,
Ted Rock
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