Men and Women Veterans receive free clothing and are treated with great respect. To do this they simply call Mark Krieger cell #917 703 4694

On Feb 19, 2018, at 5:24 PM, Bob Nathan <> wrote:

Dear John and Pat,

This should go out to the VA and be disseminated to the maximum number of Veterans, especially any needy Veterans, men or women. All Veterans shelters should be aware of this.

The above website details the free offering to Veterans in Need.

By calling Mark Krieger, a volunteer person meets the Veteran, and they are treated with the greatest dignity.  Mr Krieger and his wife are people of the highest quality on this planet. The website details what clothing is available.

Yours in Rotary and AMVETS Service,

Bob Nathan

646 321 7134

Thank You, for “Making a Difference”

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