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May 2018 AMVETS EXECUTIVE Report (for AMVETS Use Only)




Thank you to the 53 Posts that have already revalidated. Once again please don’t hold revalidations till 15 July. Get them in as soon as possible. Once we have all the new renewal contacts and the dues changes we can run the 1st renewal for 2019. We can’t run the invoices till we know if you changed your dues. A dues change requires a post vote and it is a change to your CBL. Post CBL (dues)changes need approval of the Dept JA. If your Dept is changing their CBL it needs approval of the National JA

Article IX section 2

Prior to July 15, each department shall submit a current and complete copy of its department constitution and bylaws, if revised and amended, to the national judge advocate for approval of all amendments or revisions. Such amendments or revisions shall be clearly identified by underlining or italicizing.

Final Renewal

As of today, 6/5/2018 we have 15,264 ea. 2017 members that haven’t renewed yet. Keep up the phone calls. Have your posts use the e-rosters and call the get them on board. There are also 9,813ea 2016 members on our roster in the “grace period”. They have 2-year invoices in place. They do renew and pay their 2-year dues. Sometimes it’s the personal touch of a phone call to get them in the game. The 2016 members will be dropped from the rosters in August. In total we have 25000 annual members not renewed. It is easier to keep a member than find a new member. Like the Dali Lama says “Want what you have”  You already know they are qualified veterans. When you hit the streets looking for vets only one person in 10 is a veteran. You can’t really tell who the one vet  is when they walk by your table of clovers in front of Walmart. We have been emailing the 12,000 members with emails. It only hits half our members!


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At elections have a PC open with the e-roster up. It is the best way to check a member’s status and voting rights.








What about next year, when can we start paying dues for 2019?

The invoices are not created in the system yet. Can’t create invoices till we know what your post and Dept dues will be. If we continue to get 300 revalidations in a month we should have them in the system by July 15th. Unfortunately, last year and the year before we received about 700 right at the deadline. Don’t wait this year, the day after elections fax in the revalidation.  Once we know who the renewal contacts are and the new dues structure we can prepare invoices and the renewal letters. We do the invoicing as a group so the last one in holds up the whole boat.





75th Anniversary Membership Directory

Directories are scheduled to ship at the end of February 2019. We are trying to push it up closer to Christmas.

If you have questions please contact the Publishing Concept International (PCI) Customer Service desk at

1-800-982-1590, or by email




Who gets a Tie Tac. I lost the email of the first person to email with the HEAL Team acronym. Please email me back so I can send you the tie tac. You were fast and correct HEAL stands for:

The names of the Heal team members  are Farnaz , Lana, Sherman, Patrice, Christine, and Rebecca.


Yes, as many of you knew, the man with the guitar in the 101st Airborne is Jimmy Hendrix! If you didn’t get your Tie Tac shoot me an


Image result for hendrix military

For a Tie Tac name the people in this picture and the date the pic was taken.charter signing


Thanks for all you do for veterans and America, your service counts!

Harry Neal

AMVETS National Membership Director


US Army Infantry

Eagle Card

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