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January 2018 AMVETS EXECUTIVE Report


At the end of November we are 64% renewed. The engagement process could include members calling members and asking. How are you doing? We missed you at the meeting. Do you plan on renewing your membership? Who is making the calls to the Dept MALs. Give the MAL-list to your posts so they can engage and get a couple transfers.

December New Members.

 In December we have 834 new joins with only 411 emails. 49.2% We essentially can’t talk to half of the new joins. Half won’t get the weekly amvets update. As we increase our efforts to engage our members we find emailing the best way. Let us help you with member engagement. Get 100% emails on your e-rosters and we will keep them in the loop.

The average age of our December members is 59 years old. Our overall median age is 65.8 years so we are attracting younger members. They are picking AMVETS. Who is the 59-year-old veterans? Where were these vets when they were of fighting age? What do they remember about their service? Let say fighting age is around 25 years old. We were all tougher then and could run faster and jump higher at 25. So, these new joins were tough as nails 25 year olds in the military 34 years ago. 34 years ago, in 1984 we just kicked commie butts in Grenada 1983, then moved on to the drug lords in Panama 1989 and then on to the Gulf Wars Desert Storm and Desert Shield 1991. They know Saudis, Noriega and Sadam. They are sitting bored in VA hospitals if you want to talk to them or drop of some post literature. Use the sample attached with your post contact info for a VA flyer.

We have 741 annuals just getting their feet wet. 85 signed up for life, they know $250 is a bargain. 8 converted. The last bit of information is 50 of the 834 new joins are women veterans slightly younger at an average age of 51 years old. 4 of these ladies joined for life.

Member Engagement, here is a quick timeline

Veterans joins AMVETS through a Green hat or on line

Half of them get a welcome email (see sample below)

They all get a cards and Commanders welcome letter in the mail within 14-45 days

The half with emails start getting AMVETS Update emails. The other half is in the dark.

What happens next?


This email is sent to half of our new members each month.

Subject: Welcome to AMVETS


You are an exclusive courageous American. Less than .5% of Americans step up to the plate to serve in the military. AMVETS is managed by and for veterans. We started helping veteran’s in 1944 and continue to assist in an evolving dynamic world.

We need your help to target the needs and develop solutions to problems facing veterans. Our National Service Officers are available to assist all veterans navigate the VA claims system. We lead veterans service organization’s in submitting fully developed claims. AMVETS Career Centers placed 500 veterans in jobs last year. Posts throughout the country have initiatives to place homeless veterans in shelters, provide clothing and household items and bring awareness to the problems veterans face. Your membership amplifies our collective voice in Washington. We write, monitor and support pro veteran legislation. Visit ourweb page  , like our Facebook page  and follow us on Twitter . If you have time read the attached Colliers article on the early days of AMVETS.

Your membership card will arrive in 2 weeks.

Video about you!


Get in the Game the contest is underway

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The Recruit 5 members drive in full swing. The iPad will be given away in January. Make sure your members are in the game. Use the green hat form to submit your 5.

Appreciate all you do for veterans!

Harry Neal

AMVETS National Membership Director


US Army Infantry

Eagle Card

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