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Member Report October 2017


The key to keeping veterans in AMVETS is engagement. Easiest way to engage is through emails. We are only at 50% emails. Press the issue with you members. The numbers will come as soon as I get them.






Things you should Know

  • When you sign up a member or they sign up online they get an email and a temp cutout card.
  • All new members get a plastic member card at the end of each month with a welcome letter
  • Members can buy duplicate cards by logging in and going to my shopping cart.
  • We send a refund every month so you can see who renewed online and get you dues from your Department.
  • If a member on your e-roster expires in 2018 and you have their card get it to them, they renewed online.
  • DOD has a 50th Anniversary Commemoration for the Vietnam War join it!
  • All post should have a credit card and process members online

A Vignette

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I would like to include my company for the member directory. Below is the requested info. I would also like to speak with a representative further to discuss some synergies we may have with our companies, thanks.

Aaron what is your membership number?

I thought this was for all Veteran Owned Businesses, I didn’t know you had to be a member?

Why aren’t you a member?

Because no one has ever contacted me about what they do. Educate me on the benefits, cost, etc. and I’ll think about it.

AMVETS found work for 475 transitioning vets last year this year we will place 500 vets in Jobs

We bring families of wounded vets to their hospital bedside at no cost to the family.

We sponsor warrior transition workshops for vets dealing with the trauma of combat, no charge we pay for travel and lodging.

We mobilized and sent food and clothing to Hurricane victims.

AMVETS posts throughout the country visit vets in hospitals and provide clothing to homeless and get them in shelters.

We fought congress when their budget planned to put disabled vets on social security taking them out of the VA system and cutting compensation by over $1,000 each in their retired (disabled)years. We went to every Senators and Congressman’s office voicing our objection to this budget item. It was rescinded. When you join you become part of these efforts and we provide a platform for your good ideas to help vets.

We were formed by WW2 vets in 1944, Chartered by Congress in 1947 and we are still helping veterans today!

Attached are some FAQs. Annual membership is $30 a year. Life membership is $250

Join here

Let’s see if he joins and get his business in the MOB


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It’s time for action read evaluate the article below and begin

the process. Get all your minds and ……..  in gear. Five AMVETS members have 300 years of collective experience on the planet based on our median age. What vibe does your post put out when a new member walks in. We always should put our best foot forward

  • Take a look at this report, share it collaborate get creative!


Fred’s QuestionsImage result for raise your hand

1. One of the tools to recruit new members is to provide a list of business discounts, Are they listed on the AMVETS web page? if yes, please provide a link. Yes get familiar with our website as a leader it is full of tools for you. Under the membership tab you will find member benefits. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day teach a man to fish…..and it may be hard to find him again.

2. If an annual member paid his/her annual dues, than apply for a Life Membership, is the Life Membership pro- rated? if  yes, how much? Not really prorated but we give back $15 if they are current when they convert. Conversions have to be done at HQ, still in the mail, Its antique but I am working on an online button.

3, Can a WW2 Merchant Marine join AMVETS, since they are considered veterans by the US Congress? Ill have to get back to you on this one.

4. How can an annual member become a Life Member? Send a check for $250 to HQ. Unless you’re in a post that charges $280 for life dues. Write your membership number on the check and we can do the rest. The life conversion form is complicated because it takes into consideration the discounts as it goes from Post to Dept to HQ. We have a 50/50 split with the Dept and Post and the Dept also has a 50/50 split with the post and the remainder.

5.Post that would like to present a certificate in memory of a deceased member to the family, Does National has Memorial certificate? if yes, how can a post obtain a memorial certificate? Print the In Memorium it off the web site it is #19 under membership forms. Check out your tools.

6 Is active reservist/National guard eligible to join AMVETS? Yes

7. Many veterans has never heard of AMVETS, What is the best ways to promote membership to veterans? Set up in a VA hospital they are our peeps. Right age, all veterans, honorably discharged and bored looking for someone to talk to as they wait for their appointment.


8.States that has MAL members, How can a post First Vice Commander obtain a list of MAL names and address to invite them to join their local posts? Contact your Dept ED or Dept 1st Vice and ask them to email a copy of the MALs. They might redact birthdays and member numbers but you will have emails on half of the MAls and phone numbers on most.

9,How can a MAL transfer into al post? Use the old form #15 and hope it doesn’t get lost somewhere in the 4 mailstops it makes or do an email transfer. The calls can be made in 20 minutes or less. See the attachment.

10.I enter all the require new member information into national on-line system, as post first vice commander. I did not receive a written confirmation, Why? You do get a confirmation when you pay a member’s dues. When a member is entered your confirmation is the invoice pops up in the post /dept. payment section.

11. Why occurs when a member pay their dues on line, and hit the button twice? It used to bill your card twice but we finally got them to gray the button out after the first payment so it should not happen anymore.

12, What are the States that don’t have State Dept.’s, How many veterans are required to have a state Dept or how many posts are required?? A state must have 300 members and 5 Posts to get started as a Dept.(Article VIII page 11 of our Constitution) WY,MT,CO,NV,MS,NH,HI,VT,ID,SD,UT.


13. What are the requirements for a post to be in good standing.

  • Revalidated
  • Required insurances up to date
  • Be on the EOBMF search for your ein!

14. What should I do on veterans day? Talk to a veteran about AMVETS and give him a brochure. Ask him to join your post. There are no free memberships.

15. How can I donate my car to AMVETS? Look below



Send a package to a deployed soldier. The last one HQ sent was to Japan, many of the marines said they never heard of AMVETS. This one is on the way to Afghanistan. We appreciate what they are doing and want them to know AMVETS is here when they return. Send one from your post and Dept every month. Here is a link to addresses and info. (4)








Remember the largest group of veterans out there is the Vietnam era veteran. Anything you do related to Vietnam may bring you a member. The median age of our member’s is 65 years old. Posts and Departments should become commemorative partners. I know some have but many have not. The legion has more than we do. Check it out


The Vietnam Era Veteran is the largest group of veterans out there. Most of you are Vietnam ERA. We are the ones ready to give back. How will you reach out to them?

Commemorative Partner ai





CommemorativePartnerLogo_Final_10-3-12 ai Our active membership is the Vietnam ERA Veteran. Ive seen estimates between 700,000 and 850,000 Vietnam ERA Veterans are alive today. Make an effort to recruit these Veterans. They are the largest group of veterans in America. An excellent way to get involved is to become a Commemorative Partner with the DOD initiative. Every Post Commander, State ED and Commander should insure they are part of this program. Once your Department has signed on get your posts to sign on. HQ worked with DOD early in the program helping to develop the commemorative flag. Gen Kicklighter and his staff have stopped by for briefings. We are extremely impressed with DODs efforts to show respect to the Vietnam ERA Veteran. They are also in the age demographic to give back. Look around, AMVETS leadership is the Vietnam ERA Veteran. Let the 800,000 Vietnam ERA Veterans know AMVETS was there and invite them to join!

 “Of the 2,709,918 Americans who served in Vietnam, Less than 850,000 are estimated to be alive today, with the youngest American Vietnam veteran’s age approximated to be 54 years old.”

Check out the attachment and get involved. All Departments and Posts should be Commemorative Partners.

AMVETS Car Donation Program

Image result for healey 100and Image result for xk120or Image result for ruste MGAand result for hooptie

AMVETS car donation program.

Let your Post members and community know AMVETS will take your car donation. Call 1-877-999-8322 and donate it to AMVETS!

Send me the Make and Model of all 5 cars and you will get an AMVETS tie tac!


It doesn’t cost anything extra to designate AMVET as your AMAZON Smile organization. Help: Change Your Amazon Smile Charitable Organization

To change your charitable organization: Sign in to on your desktop or mobile phone browser. From your desktop, go to Your Account from the navigation at the top of any page, and then select the option to Change your Charity


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Thanks for all your efforts helping veterans!

Harry Neal

AMVETS National Membership Director


US Army Infantry

Eagle Card

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