March 2018 Membership Report



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March NEC (completed)

March final renewal notice email then mail (working on the mail part)

16413 Annuals still need to renew. 9997 2016 members owe 2 years make some calls!

April– order 70,000 blank annual cards

May-Memorial Day, Post elections

June-Post Elections (New leaders can’t get in system till reval comes help transition)

July 1 Delegate Strength list for Convention

July 15-Pull  (2018)annual members list for cards send to printer (mailed to Depts.)

July-15 Revalidations Due (if you hold revals till the last day it jams the system, send em as you get them)

August 1 apply renewal invoices (reval dues applied, standard dues would allow earlier invoicing)

August 1-annual member cards hit Depts. and are sent to Posts

August 7 Invoices to printer for mailing (dues renewal contacts)

August 15 Invoices arrive at members

August 31 End of Membership Year

Sept 1 Members Pay and are given Cards

Love it when a plan comes together.


New Annual Member Cards

FullSizeRenderHow do “new annual members” receive membership cards? Here’s how it works, at the end of each month I query the database for new members. I will select the March new joins on 1 April and send the list to a vendor that prints the name and expiration date on the card and then sends the card and a welcome letter to the new member. It usually takes a week to get everything prepared and sent. The card should be to the member by the 15th of the next month April in this example. If someone joins on 1 March the longest it would take is 45 days to get the card. If someone joins on 30 March they get their card in 2 weeks max. We send the cards to MALs and new post joins.  If a member joins online as an MAL they get an email with a temporary card. If they join through a post they get the temporary card from the join form or the tear off from our brochure. The big difference is, in the past they would keep the temporary card for a year till they renewed. One of the benefits of receiving a card and a letter within the first month is, it is a form of member engagement. We need to communicate as often as we can with our members; it generates a feeling of belonging and helps us with member retention.


How does a life member get is card? When a life member join AMVETS s “online” his name appears on a morning report and the new card and life package is sent out by the following day. The online join can happen one of three ways.

The 1st is the fastest: A veteran joins as a member at large through our join button on the website. We see his name the next day and mail him his Life package which includes a Life Card.

The 2nd “online” method is if a veteran gives a $250 check to the Post. The Post deposits the check then enters the data online and pays with post credit card. It can happen within a day or two depending on the Post 1st Vices workload.

The 3rd “online” entry is by the Department. Some posts deposit the check then write a second check and send the second check with a Life Membership Transmittal form to the Department. This can lengthen the time it takes for the member to get his card by 2 or three weeks. It depends on the post and the mail. Once it reaches the Dept it can also go in an inbox until the Dept can enter the data.

How can I get a new card if mine is lost? All members can login and go to my shopping cart and order new cards. Plastic life and Plastic annual cards are both $5. Please destroy any old forms you have at the Post that says life cards are $2. Occasionally we get a check sent to HQ for $2. We run a list every morning of members ordering cards online. We print the cards at HQ and send them daily.

Does your Dept or Post have open Accounts?

Here is how you can check. Open your Dept Roster (or post) and sort the K column (expiration dates ) from least to greatest. Then scroll dowm you will see 8/31/2016 at the top then scroll through your life members. At the end of the life expiration dates 12/31/2078 you may see members without expiration dates (k column is blank). These are members that were entered in the datatbase but were never paid for. These are open accounts. Please work with membership to close these accounts. The system captures the membership number of the leader that entered these veterans.  Look hard at the veterans that paid for Life memberships. Please work with membership to close these accounts prior to 1 July when the delegate strenght list pulled.If you need help sorting your roster call my staff at 301-683-4021

Section 5. No delegate of an accredited post or department shall be seated at the national

convention unless the respective post and department shall be fully paid up in all its

accounts with National Headquarters and national districts and their accounts and

membership shall be certified as of 30 days prior to the opening date of the national



AMVETS HEAL TEAM is in the game.

Print the attached flyers and get the word out.

75th Anniversary AMVETS Membership Directory

Yes we have been around for awhile,75 years. Image result for amvets TRUMANOur 75thMembership Directory is your opportunity to record your information for posterity. If Publishing Concept International (PCI) sent you a card or email call them back to update your information. You can also submit a picture with a 100 character caption or a 200 word essay. The theme is, Whats been happening in your life? 27 July 2018 is the last day to get your information and pictures submitted. Don’t wait till the last minute. Grab that tough looking basic training shot of you holding the M16 or the in country pose and write a quick essay. And yes they will ask you if you want to buy a book. You can leave it open on the coffee table for your next date to to see. “Oh yeah  that’s me when I served in the military, I may have put on a pound or 2 since that snapshot.” Call 877-706-7649 to verify your information. Pass this info on to your post members.


Prepare for Employment

AMVETS Career Center, powered by the Call of Duty Endowment, provides free-of-charge career training and employment assistance for veterans and service members from the active, guard and reserve, and their spouses. We are staffed by volunteers, who will reach out to the local community and companies big and small to match job-seeking veterans with employers who are eager to hire veterans.

Call of Duty Endowment (CODE)
A non-profit public benefit corporation which helps service members transition to civilian careers after their military service. The endowment focuses its resources on assisting organizations that provide job placement and training to veterans, as well as engaging the media and public forums to raise awareness about the issue. Their goal is to place 25,000 veterans by 2018.

Do you have a job opening at your Department, Post or your veteran owned business?  Send it to our Career Centers. We have veterans across the country looking for work. If you know a vet looking for work get them in touch with our center!


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Don’t forget to pass the word about the AMVETS car donation program! Tax time is coming up. Call 877-999-8322 to donate that old hooptie to AMVETS for your big write off.


Thanks for volunteering your time to help veterans, you built AMVETS!

Harry Neal

AMVETS National Membership Director


US Army Infantry

Eagle Card

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