Door Opens to New Vet Care Options

The new Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act gives many veterans the option to receive non-VA health care rather than waiting for a VA appointment or traveling to a VA facility. Read about the new Veterans Choice Program and check your eligibility at VA’s Veterans Choice Program webpage.



 The AMVETS Dept. of Connecticut welcomes you. Our AMVETS Veterans Group is a proud Veterans Organization

That serves Veterans, and their families. Our motto is “Veterans helping Veterans.” We are also known for helping our

Communities when we can. For over 70 years the AMVETS have served, and has gained the respect of other veteran organizations as well. Membership in the AMVETS is open to all honorably discharged veterans. You can also be a member if you were an active military member or served in the  Reserves, or National Guard regardless of what branch of the military you served in, or were honorably discharged from. We look forward to your membership.


James B. Neeland,


AMVETS Dept. of Connecticut