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Master Standing Nov 2017

The attached spreadsheet shows all posts not revalidated and shows expired insurance policies. If a letter of god standing is needed to renew a gaming license or liquor license contact me.

For a Post to be in good standing the following is checked before a letter or certificate is issued.

  • Revalidated
  • Insurances current
  • Good Standing With IRS

We all understand the revalidation process. If a Post isn’t revalidated they are suspended for 6 months and revoked in March.

Liability Insurance is required for Posts that own or rent buildings. If liquor is served, Liquor Liability Insurance must be purchased. It is required by the National CBL that all policies written must have the respective Department and National Headquarters listed as additionally insured. This information is sent to the additionally insured parties by the insurance company on the  Acord 25 form. If your post shows expired insurance contact your insurance company and have them email an accord 25 to

Posts must submit a 990 each year to the IRS to maintain their 501c19 status. If your ein appears on the IRS Exempt Organization Master File, EOMF, you are recognized as a nonprofit in your state.  The main reason for not appearing on the EOMF is your post nonprofit status was revoked for not filing a 990 for three consecutive years and an IRS 1024 must be completed to regain your status. This list includes the Auxiliary, Sons and Riders. Ein is in the left column the name (post)is in the far right column.

Look your post ein number up on the IRS EOMF  below.

Check here to see if your ein was revoked for not filing for 3 years.

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