Danielson Veterans House Schedule of Speakers


The December 2017 Danielson Coffeehouse schedule is listed below.


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Schedule of Speakers

Dec 5 – Kathleen Titsworth – Connecticut Department of Banking, Government Relations and Consumer Affairs

Kathleen Titsworth, Connecticut Department of Banking, Government Relations and Consumer Affairs will be our guest speaker.  We live in a fast-paced, technological world.  Scammers are all around us, whose only goal is to steal your financial information to commit fraud.  Your best defense is awareness.  Learn important tips to help you understand the methods of identity theft; take action steps to reduce your risk; recognize signs that you may be a victim; choose your options in recovering from identity theft, including data security breaches; and exercise your consumer rights to shield your credit report from unauthorized use.


the Evening Coffeehouse will be honored to have members of the Chamber Choir from Killingly High School perform a variety of holiday songs for us to enjoy.  Ms. Titsworth will engage the veterans with Financial Fraud Bingo and is played like regular Bingo, but each number is associated with a tip or bit of information on an array of consumer protection issues – banking scams, identity theft, investment fraud, cyber security, credit and debt management, and more.  It is a fun, interactive way to learn about protecting our personal information and our finances.  Prizes are included.

Dec 12 – TBD

Dec 19- Andy Mallory VA

We welcome back Andy Mallory  form the VA who will discuss updates and benefits and answer all related VA questions.  He will also be discussing and taking questions on Agent Orange.  He will also be available if any veteran wants to file a claim or sign up for veteran benefits.

Dec 26 – CLOSED

Jan 2 – Coffeehouse Christmas Party for Veterans ONLY

Jan 9 – Andrea Truppa – Danielson Probate Court

Ms. Truppa will share information about the probate court and hearing about voluntary conservatorships.   Many folks apply for voluntary conservatorships whereby the court appoints someone (generally at no cost to the individual) to assist the individual with management of their finances and/or medical care.  Under a voluntary conservatorship, there is no finding of incapacity.  Rather, the petitioner submits an application to the court soliciting assistance with financial and/or healthcare affairs.  Sometimes the conservator provides only a limited scope of services such as helping the individual develop a financial budget, reviewing a rental contract, or applying for benefits.  The court has a list of professionals (generally attorneys) willing to act in this capacity.   Under a voluntary conservatorship, the conserved person can end the conservatorship any time they want. She will also share information about the Northeast Regional Children’s’ Court (also under the purview of the probate court) where Ms. Truppa frequently appoint grandparents and family members to become legal guardians over children.  The children’s court employs various employs various social workers and other professionals who strive to assist families in need where the children have been subjected to some form of neglect or abonnement by the parent(s).

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