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September Report Sept 2017 AMVETS EXECUTIVE REPORT For AMVETS official Use only forward to you Posts MEMBERSHIP As you can see from the attached report at the end of August were only slightly ahead of last year’s membership. Our renewal rate of 80% isn’t bad but we left a lot on the table. These 2016 members will be getting double invoices for this year and then we drop them from the rosters. Take a look at your Depts. renewal percentage on page 9. It’s a good time of year to reach out and ask members how they are doing. Fold the membership list over and get your post involved. Give 5 names to each current member and make the veterans day calls. How are you doing? You haven’t renewed, what’s up? Why not? IMG_1232============================================================== We are sending cards to all new joins. At the end of each month we pull a list of all the new joins and send a welcome letter and a membership card. Stay in touch with these new members, ask for fresh ideas and new ways to help veterans. =================================================== Image result for poker sharksMembers complain they don’t get a card when they renew what’s up? Gary, Post leader should use the e-roster to see the date flip when a person renews online. It happens when the person puts his credit card number in his living room. The expiration date flips the second after the member hits apply payment. The invoice disappears. The system updates at 11pm so the member shows renewed on the Posts e- roster the next day. I agree we need to be more efficient in card distribution but the hard part is the way we do business as an organization. Our model has always been print (45,000) cards in July (since the member year changed) get the cards to the Dept then the Post by the time the invoices hit. The WW2 model was drop your cash at the post and get your card. I do agree we are in a new age. We are encouraging members to renew online. We have maybe 10% renewing in their living rooms which is the model we need to get to. It is hard for a Post to keep track of who renews because they must track the expire date flip and compare it to cards they have. It is one of the reasons we created and send out the refund report. It shows who renewed online each month. We are also working on a report that just shows who renewed each month. We have discussed a change to the model. All cards could be sent from HQ. We could run a list at the end of each month. It would add at least a dollar to each annual renewal for mailing and packaging and postage, which would equate to $45,000 a year if all annual members renewed. It could still take as long as 45 days to get a card with this model if someone renewed at the beginning of the month. We use a contractor to print and mail the new member cards using a list I run at the end of each month. It usually takes around 2 weeks to print, mail and get to the member using economy mail. Since I’ve been here I see the inefficiency in getting cards into members hands. We have a lot of moving parts with cards going from us to the Dept to the Post and then to the member, Now we added the internet pay in your living room option which is taking posts some time to get used to. I did experiment two years ago with Ohio and Michigan and sent the cards with the paper renewal invoice. We have to mail the invoice anyway so it was an efficient way to get the cards in the members hands. We got some complaints that members would think they renewed if they got a card. Some members are older and might not remember if they paid. I misplace my keys and sometimes wonder why I walked into the garage so I believe that does happen. They said some members will try to cheat since they have a current card. I wouldn’t put it past a soldier to try to save a dollar but I think 99% know the money goes to a good cause and are honorable. If cards are sent with the invoice most of the $45,000 cost goes away. Canteens and Posts could still use their e-lists to determine who is current. The e-roster is the ultimate arbiter since it is mechanical from the credit card to the date flip no hands touch the process and receipts are proof. For Posts to be proactive and call their expired members produces so many benefits in the member engagement area. Any engagement is good engagement so the check and balance is the Post making the call. We are still looking for a better way. Veterans Day, Saturday 11 November, AMVETS HQ will be on the Mall next to the Wall. Stop by if you are in the AO. What is your Post planning, let us know we will get it on Facebook. Veterans Day, recruit paid members! IMG_1182IMG_1230 Each pin was placed by a Vietnam Vet remembering. ===================================================================================== =================================================================== recruit5_logo (2)Recruit 5 Membership Drive The first Drawing will be 7 January. Get you green hat forms in ASAP! =============================================== Saturday Nov 11th Free Chicken and Beer for all veterans. Learn about the VA home loan and your GI Bill. Come to 1751 Main St. Your town USA. Let us know you’re coming call 555-666-1212 to reserve a cold one! 20 Ideas for Content that People Love to Share on Social Media Call the library and ask for the conference room for a AMVETS seminar. Call the university and get a student aid GI Bill Expert to speak for ½ hour. Call Long and Foster and get an agent to talk about the VA home loans. Get a VSO in to talk about claims. Call chick filet and ask them to sponsor chicken bits. You have pizza. Call Pizza Hut, ask for pizza you have chicken coming. Library doesn’t like food ask the Rotarians or ELKS to all the vets in town Call and let me know you will be there so we have enough free food. Questions from Fred 1. Merchant Marines of World War II are finally receiving Veterans Benefits. Can they join AMVETS? I will consult with Cliff Fitzsimmons on this and get back to you. We always had the in time of war caveat. 2. Does National offer free membership for active duty soldiers/sailors? HQ does not offer free memberships. Many Posts pick up the tab for homeboys and ladies deployed defending our country 3. MAL members, what is the State/National portion of dues? MAL dues are $30 HQ gets $15 and the Dept gets $15. Dept Dues + MAL-OOOO =$15 4. How does a post apply for a grant from the Cecil Altman Fund? The fund is depleted. 5. How does a post report a deceased veteran? Post and Dept leaders can login, go to Post Dept Members put in the last name, select edit and check the deceased box or do a form and send it in the mail. If the Carillon is requested you must use a paper form. We deliver it to NSF and they program the Carillon to ring at the requested time and day. 6. When a member purchases a Life Membership, does the veteran receive a Life Certificate from National? Yes, we send him a Life membership card and a certificate signed by the commander 7. A member loses their membership card – how can they obtain a replacement card? Login go to my shopping cart and get a replacement for $5 8. Where can I read our Congressional Charter? Our Congressional Charter signed by Harry Truman on July 23,1947 is under Membership resources #2 on our site The pen is at HQ! 9. Does National offer free student memberships for veterans attending college or technical school? We do not offer any free memberships at HQ. 10. Can ROTC members attending college join AMVETS or must they wait until they become Commissioned Officers? If they drop the course they never get the commission, so we wait till commissioning. AMVETS Member Owned business page. Check out our MOB page and crack a bottle of Heroes Vodka. Yes, its gluten free. Heroes Vodka American made in from 100% American grain, each hand-crafted batch is distilled four times to create an ultra-pure, world-class spirit. Member Information Name: Travis McVey Branch: Marine Location: AMVETS Member Tennessee Contact Information Email: Website: Video: Phone: 877.590.2026 When you buy a bottle of Heroes use this credit card and you will be supporting AMVETS x 2 132868-0911_AMVETS_CC_Front What’s in your wallet? What’s in your pocket? AMVETS Challenge Coin AMVETS (American Veterans) was founded by WWII Veterans. We continue to serve veterans today. Lady Liberty walks on one side of our coin. She represents your service clearing a path for her walk around the world. “Challenge Coin Check” Rules for Veterans & Military A “Coin Check” consists of a challenge and response. A challenge is initiated by either holding your coin in the air or slamming it on a table or floor and yelling “Coin Check!” Individual(s) challenged must show their Coin with their unit’s logo to the challenger within 10 seconds. Anyone who doesn’t show their Coin must buy a round of drinks for all challenged, including the challenger. Coin Checks are permitted anywhere and anytime. If everyone being challenged produces their Coin, the challenger must buy a round of drinks for all challenged. If you accidentally drop your Coin and it makes an audible sound you “accidentally” initiated a Coin Check. No exceptions to the rules. They apply to clothed or un- clothed. One step and an arm’s reach are ok A Coin is a Coin, not belt buckles, key chains or necklaces. Coins worn in a holder around the neck are valid. Carry your coin as a reminder of your commitment and connection to something larger in your daily life. Liberty walks on the path American Veterans clear. ===================================================================================== Thanks for all you do to help veterans! Harry Neal AMVETS National Membership Director 301-683-4020 US Army Infantry