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I am re sending the December News Letter as the NEC has sent me a report that has a lot of good information that you should look at. If you already have read the original news letter I sent a few Days ago, then take the time to read the NEC Report. Many of you are receiving this email for the 1st time as I just completed updating my email addresses and have added you to my send list. Have a Happy New Year.

AMVETS Department of Connecticut

December 2018 News Letter

Department Commander’s Colum: Albert J. Duff

I hope that everyone had a nice Christmas. AMVETS Department of Connecticut Officers, Members, and Posts have continued to be busy throughout the month of December. On December 2, 2018 a Group went down to Walter Reed Hospital for Operation Gift Card. On that same day AMVETS from Post 18, 47 and 83 represented AMVETS Department of Connecticut at a Special Bingo at the Rocky Hill Veterans Medical Center. In addition to Bingo Blankets were given out to the Veterans. These Blankets were collected and donated by a Day Care Center from North Grosvenordale, CT. On December 6 -10, 2018 along with NEC Dana Dillon, and Alternate NEC Douglas Newell, I attended the Fall NEC in Maryland. While at this event we met with the National Commander, National Ladies Auxiliary Executive Director, and Sons of AMVETS National Commander. In addition, we attended all Meetings. On Tuesday December 11, 2018, Past Department Commander Douglas Newell and I attended the Wake for AMVET Member Felix Mangini of Post 1. Later that evening I attended a Freedom Salute in Hartford with the National Guard. On Friday December 14, PDC Douglas Newell and I attended Represented AMVETS at a Presentation at Masonicare in Wallingford CT with the DAV. 2nd Vice Commander Ronnie Maebry was also there representing another organization.  On Saturday December 15th attended Wreaths Across America Ceremony in Brooklyn CT. Later that same day Along with Department Adjutant Robert Pickett, I attended the Post 47 Yankee Swap / Christmas Party. On Wednesday December 19, 2018 along with Department Adjutant Robert, PDC James Neeland and Post 47 Officers and Members attended a Meeting / Christmas Party at the Pierce Memorial Nursing Home in Brooklyn, CT. Later that evening attended the Post 47 Ladies Auxiliary Meeting to share information with them from the NEC Meeting I attended. On Thursday December 20, 2018 along with Department Adjutant Robert Pickett, I attended the Quarterly VSO Meeting in Rocky Hill. I would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year.

Membership:  First Vice Commander Chris Paulhus

Annual  Annual        Nat12/15/18
Not  Not    Total   Annual Life   Total National
Paid Old Paid   Not Paid   Paid Paid   Paid Total
Prior 8/17 Prior 8/18       dept
15 30   45   26 85   111 156 CT-0000 Total
2 3   5   3 50   53 58 CT-0001  Total
0 0   0   0 16   16 16 CT-0002  Total
2 4   6   11 86   97 103 CT-0009  Total
4 21   25   23 904   927   952 CT-0018  Total
61 319   380   4 42   46 426 CT-0024 Total
17 14   31   22 25   47 78 CT-0043 Total
8 2   10   5 50   55 65 CT-0045  Total
14 21   35   56 83   139 174 CT-0047  Total
0 0   0   6 63   69 69 CT-0050  Total
4 3   7   20 62   82 89 CT-0083  Total
0 1   1   0 2   2 3 CT-R0911 Total
127 418   545   176 1468   1644 2189 GRAND TOTAL

Programs: 2nd Vice Commander Ronnie Maebry

Programs Reporting – As of Wednesday December 26, 2018 the Following Posts have done Program Reporting for the period July 1st to December 31st.

Department of CT

Post 18

Post 43

Post 45

Post 47

Post 83

The Following Post have a few days left to do your reporting before you miss the Deadline. Please get you reports in. Program Value just for the 5 posts and Department that reported equals $33, 079.00 Just think what the Value of this program would be if all Posts reported.

Post 1

Post 2

Post 9

Post 24

Post 50

Legislative Officer: Dan Thurston

 Alternate Legislative Officer – Jodi LoDolce

Not a lot is going on in the legislative world at this time. Bills that have not been acted on may be reintroduced next year but will have new numbers assigned to them.

Gerry Wright is scheduled to speak at our next SEC Meeting in January on the Agent Orange Bill.

NEC Report – Dana Dillon

Alternate NEC – Douglas Newell

NEC Report Dec 2018

I attended the NEC with the State Commander Albert Duff and Alternate NEC Doug Newell.  National Service Foundation had a phone meeting regarding realignment they stated we need to get down to 14 NSO’s and they want to reconstruct the regions from 6 to 4

We were told the laptops used by the NSO’s have to be replaced. They are 8-10 years old and cannot run windows 10.  This is what is needed to work with what the VA uses.  We need 35 new laptops. AMVETS is working with Dell to configure a new package.  (Several states stated they would donate laptops to the NSO’s)

22 States have NSO’s

No Florida VAVS training this year. They are thinking of bringing training to National Convention.

Our claims will be way down the first quarter as our National NSO’s are having to do them all by hand

There are less donors and less money due to donor fatigue loss about 2.7 million to date.

50% of our donor list of names is with another organization

National wants to set up a 1,000,000 line of credit from the life membership. National is not doing well financially.

This was approved at the NEC. CT voted against this.

The National Department Spent 100,000 less last year, 600,000 if you don’t count the HEAL program.

The Heal Program says it is doing well but has yet to give us actual numbers or statistics. It claimed to be able self sufficient in one year but continues to rely on AMVETS for funding

Legislative Roundtable

Where we talked about getting a national description for third vice at the state level as well as other national legislative issues. Awards were passed out for quality departments

Communications Roundtable

No budget, no magazine but Sherman Gilum had interview with NPR. Advocating for us.

VAVS:  Commanders are not appointing their Reps and Deps.   They need to do this every two years.  VAVS appointees need to go to meetings. They need to recruit volunteers..

Membership:  Retention Communication needs to start at the top, contact your members say hi use white pages, see if what you can do to get them involved.

Program reporting need to get posts to get reporting done. Need to get it done. Make sure to get the numbers up. When the senators see it in Washington it makes an impact.

Legislative.  Go sign up for legislative blast if you have not done so

JA use your local or State JA before calling National

 National Grievance Post 1776 CA Outcome:   (the complaint was not valid.)

Career center has placed 462 employments

HEAL Team working and extending hours to better serve veterans around country

AMVETS and JUULE team up to help stop smoking in our posts with grant and ecigarettes

Dana Dillon


District 1 Report:

National District 1 Meeting – January 11, 12, & 13, 2019 @ the Sturbridge Host Hotel.

Saturday January 12, 2019 @ 2pm – Round Table Meeting

Sunday January 13, 2019 @ 9am – District 1 Meeting

Upcoming Events:

  • January 11 – 13, 2019            District 1 Meeting Sturbridge, MA.
  • January 19, 2019                    Spaghetti and Meatball Supper @ AMVETS         Post 47 starting at 4pm.
  • January 21, 2019 @ 7pm       Post 83 Visit
  • January 28, 2019 @ 6pm       Service Foundation Meeting
  • January 28, 2019 @ 7pm       SEC Meeting

Good and Welfare:

It is with great Sadness that I report the passing of the Following Members. AMVETS Department of Connecticut send its Prayers out to the following AMVET Members families.

Post 1                        Felix N. Mangini Jr.

Post 18         Benjamin W. Barksdale

Post 18         Merrill James Shover Jr

Post 45         James Mazzarella (Sons of AMVETS)

Post 47         Brian Hall

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