AMVETS Department of CT Department Convention Agenda Final Draft


AMVETS Department of CT 1 Day Convention Final Draft

AMVETS Department of CT

1 Day Convention


Saturday June 23, 2018

9am -10am

  • Service Foundation Meeting

Service Foundation Budget Proposal


10:15AM -12pm

  • Memorial Service
  • Open Bible
  • Opening Prayer
  • Read Names of Members who have passed
  • TAPS
  • Closing Prayer


  • Open Morning Session
  • Commander Neeland call Convention to Order / Opening Remarks
  • Chaplain give Invocation

Rule over deliberations we beseech thee, O God, direct us by thy Holy Spirit and sanctify us by thy presence. AMEN

  • Provost Marshall Cover POW/MIA Chair
  • Provost Marshall lead all in Pledge of Allegiance



  • All Read Preamble

We, the American Veterans who have served or are serving in the Armed Forces of the United States during and since World War II, fully realizing our responsibility to our community, to our state and to our nation, associate ourselves for the following purposes:  to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States; to safeguard the principles of freedom, liberty and justice for all; to promote the cause of peace and goodwill among nations; to maintain inviolate the freedom of our country; to preserve the fundamentals of democracy; to perpetuate the friendship and associations of these veterans; and to dedicate ourselves to the cause of mutual assistance, this by the grace of God.


  • JA Read Rules of the Convention





  1. The convention shall be called to order at 9:00 A.M. on Saturday, June 23, 2018 and shall remain in session until the business of the Convention is completed, or until a recess has been declared by the Convention. The Convention shall convene at the VFW in Yalesville, CT.
  2. Any delegate or alternate acting as a delegate, failing to register with the Credentials

Committee, shall have a voice, but no vote on the convention floor.

  1. If a delegate, while speaking, is called to order he/she shall be seated until the question of order is decided.
  2. Should two or more delegates rise to speak at the same time, the chair shall decide who is entitled to speak.
  3. No delegate shall interrupt another, except to raise a point of order or a point of information.
  4. A delegate shall not speak more than twice upon a question until all that wish to be heard have had an opportunity to do so.
  5. A motion shall not be open to discussion or action until it has been seconded and repeated by the chair.
  6. A motion to reconsider shall not be valid unless made by a delegate who voted with the majority.
  7. No motion shall be voted upon until its author or introducer has had an opportunity to speak
  8. A motion to lay on the table and properly seconded shall not be debatable.
  9. The reports of committees shall be subject to amendments and substitutions from the floor.
  10. Unless otherwise instructed by the Convention, matters referred back to committee shall mean, referred to the appropriate standing committee of AMVETS for further study.

Said committee shall report its findings to the State Executive Committee at the next SEC Meeting.


  1. Nominations for office shall be by Post in the following order: Commander, 1st Vice Commander, 2nd Vice Commander, 3rd Vice Commander, Adjutant, Finance Officer, Judge Advocate, Provost Marshall, Surgeon General, Chaplain, and if applicable NEC

and Alternate NEC


  1. The order of elections shall be the same as the order of nominations.
  2. Elections shall be by secret ballot. When there is only one nominee for an office, election to that office, on a motion from the floor, may be made by acclamation with the Adjutant casting one vote. In the case of the acclimation of the position of Adjutant the Commander shall cast one vote.
  3. When a roll call vote has been ordered, no other business shall come before the Convention until the result has been announced.
  4. The Judge Advocate shall serve as chief teller for all elections and shall decide any challenges. The State Commander shall appoint a chief teller if the Judge Advocate is not present or is a candidate for the office in question.
  5. Discussion by any one delegate on any one motion or amendment shall be limited to

two minutes.

  1. The Provost Marshall is charged with the responsibility and shall maintain order on the Convention floor.
  2. The Department Commander or person acting in his/her stead shall not vote unless to break a tie.
  3. The delegates shall decide upon a Convention site for the State Convention for the immediate following year. All legitimate convention bids shall be given equal opportunity to be heard. All Convention bids will be directed to the attention of the Convention Chair and shall be presented without bias by the Convention Chair. The bid receiving the most votes shall be the next Convention site. If No Convention Bid is presented or accepted, the matter of Convention location will be revisited at the September SEC Meeting’


  1. In any situation not covered by the above stated rules, then Robert’s Rules of Order

Revised shall prevail; providing said rules are not in conflict with AMVETS National or

Department Constitutions.    


  • Adjutant call Roll Call of Officers

P = Present     E = Excused    A = Absent

Commander James Neeland_______

1st Vice Commander Albert Duff ___E___

2nd Vice Commander Chris Paulhus_____

3rd Vice Commander Darlene Berube_____

Adjutant Albert Duff___E___

Finance Officer Douglas Newell______

Judge Advocate Dan Thurston______

Provost Marshall Chris Paulhus______

NEC Dana Dillon_____

Alternate NEC Douglas Newell______

Past Department Commander Chris Paulhus_____

Foundation President Dan Thurston______

Legislative Officer Dan Thurston_____

Membership Director Douglas Newell______

Public Relations Officer Al Meadows______

Assistant Public Relations Officer Dana Dillon______

Communications Officer Dana Dillon______

Women’s Veteran Rep Juliet Taylor_______

Web Master Leon Proctor_______

Chaplain Robert Pickett______

Assistant Chaplain Ray Chaput_______

Surgeon General Nick DeCerbo_______

ROTC Chairman Jerry Baggish_______

Convention Chairman Albert Duff___E___

Convention Co-Chairman Chris Paulhus______

Awards Chairman Albert Duff___E____

By-Laws Chairman Albert Duff___E____

VAVS West Haven Nick DeCerbo______

VAVS Rocky Hill Douglas Newell_______

  • Adjutant call Roll Call of Posts

Post 1______

Post 2______

Post 9______

Post 13_____

Post 18_____

Post 24_____

Post 43_____

Post 45_____

Post 47_____

Post 50_____

Post 83_____

Post 911_____


  • Adjutant Introduce any Special Guests (National Representative – National District 1 Commander Leon Proctor will give his opening remarks.
  • Adjutant present Minutes of May 21, 2018 SEC Meeting.


Motion to Accept made By______________________________

2nd by_______________________________________________

Motion Passed______________________________________


  • Delegate Strength
Post # Total Members PDC’S State Officers Delegates Alternates Total Votes
1 56 0 0 6 6 6
2 18 0 0 5 5 5
9 97 0 1 6 6 7
12 8 0 0 0 0 0
13 38 1 2 5 5 7
18 951 4 0 10 10 14
24 361 3 1 10 10 13
43 59 0 2 6 6 8
45 60 1 0 6 6 7
47 149 4 4 7 7 11
50 69 2 2 6 6 9
83 89 3 1 6 6 9
911 13 0 0 5 5 5
Totals 18 13 78 78 101



  • Communications:


  • Letter of intent

June 23, 2018

To: The Convention Floor

Commander James Neeland, Department Officers and Delegates

From: Albert J. Duff

I am very sorry that I cannot be with you at Convention this year. Due to advanced plans and reservations, my wife and I are traveling across the United States. This is the 1st Department Convention I have missed since becoming a State Officer some 20 plus years ago. I wish you all the best for a great Convention and look forward to seeing everyone when I return.

I will have my computer and phone with me during my trip, so if anything comes up give me a call or drop me an email.

As I stated earlier to many, my intention is to run for State Commander this year and I will accept the position if elected. If elected to State Commander, I will contact people while I am away and make my appointments at the September SEC Meeting.

We need to keep CT AMVETS strong and it starts with good Department Officers.

After Convention someone needs to call me and get me the information on who the New Officers are, so I can fill out and send in our revalidation. I also have to make any changes to our Bylaws that get passed and get them to the Department JA and then to National JA for approval.

I hope you have a great Convention. I will see some of you at the National Convention and everyone else when I get back.


Albert J. Duff

Albert J. Duff

Dept 1st Vice Commander

  • 2018 TAVF Golf Tournament (See Attachment)


  • Bills to be presented to Finance Officer


  • Reports of Officers

Commander: James Neeland


1st Vice Commander: Albert Duff

AMVETS Department of Connecticut

1st Vice Commander’s Report



I attended a Ceremony at Sikorsky on Thursday May 24, 2018

On May 27, 2018 I attended Post 47’s Monthly Meeting.

I am placing my name for the Position of Department of CT State Commander. If elected I have turned over my letter of intent to accept the position to Commander Neeland at the May SEC Meeting. There is also a Copy of this letter in the Communications section of this agenda.

I will be attending the National Convention from August 5th thru August 11th in Orlando Florida.


Respectfully Submitted:

Albert J Duff

Albert J Duff

AMVETS Department of CT.

First Vice Commander

2nd Vice Commander: Chris Paulhus


3rd Vice Commander: Darlene Berube


Adjutant: Albert Duff

AMVETS Department of Connecticut

Adjutants Report to the SEC


Since our May SEC Meeting, I have been busy getting the Paperwork ready for Convention. This agenda has been put together as a Guide for the Convention. I have included all information that I have received.

In addition, I have completed and have copies of the Following:

  • Minutes of the Service Foundation Meeting from May 21, 2018 (For Service Foundation Members)
  • Minutes of the May 21, 2018 SEC Meeting
  • Credential Report
  • Delegate Sign in Sheets
  • Copy of the Present Constitution and By-Laws for the Department
  • Department Revalidation Sheet (Blank)

Respectfully Submitted:

Albert J. Duff

Albert J. Duff

AMVETS Department of CT



Finance Officer: Douglas Newell

  • SEC Budget Proposal
  • Financial Report


Motion to accept Finance Officers Report___________________________

2nd by_______________________________________________________

Motion Passed________________________________________________


Judge Advocate: Dan Thurston


Provost Marshall: Chris Paulhus


NEC: Dana Dillon


Alternate NEC: Douglas Newell


Past Department Commander: Chris Paulhus


Legislative Officer: Dan Thurston


Foundation President: Dan Thurston

  • Foundation Budget Proposal


Membership Director: Douglas Newell


Public Relations Officer: Al Meadows


Alternate Public Relations Officer: Dana Dillon


Communications Officer: Dana Dillon


Woman’ Veterans Representative: Juliet Taylor


Surgeon General: Nick DeCerbo


Chaplain’s Report: Robert Pickett


Assistant Chaplains Report: Ray Chaput


Webmaster: Leon Proctor




Motion to accept all Officer Reports made by________________________

2nd by______________________________________________________

Motion Passed_________________________________________________


  • Committee Reports:

ROTC Chairman: Jerry Baggish


Convention Chairman: Albert Duff

AMVETS Department of Connecticut

Convention Chairman’s Report


As Convention Chairman I am happy to welcome everyone to the 2018 Convention. I am sorry I can not be with you today, but prior reservations required that I be on travel today. This is the 1st Department Convention I have had to miss in almost 30 years. I wish everyone the best for a productive Convention and I will see everyone after National Convention when I return. If you need anything from me I have my Phone and computer with me while on travel.


As of today, I have not had any bids submitted to me for next year’s 2019 Convention.


Respectfully Submitted:

Albert J Duff

Albert J Duff

AMVETS Department of CT.

Convention Chairman



By-laws Committee Chairman: Albert Duff


AMVETS Department of Connecticut

By-Laws Committee Report to the SEC


We have 1 Department Resolution dealing with changes that we will present to the Convention Floor today.

In addition, we will present By-Law Resolutions and National Resolutions that will be presented on the National Convention Floor. Some of these resolutions have started to trickle into the Departments Including the resolution submitted by CT dealing with Term in office at the National Level.

I would like to remind everyone, the way you hear the National Resolutions today may not be exactly how they will be delivered on the National Convention Floor. During the National Convention these Resolutions are subject to Committee Review where changes may be made before they are presented on the floor.

In past years it has been common practice to allow our Delegates attending the National Convention to vote in the best interest of our Department as they will hear what changes if any have been made and how do they effect our Department and AMVETS as an organization.


Respectfully Submitted:

Albert J Duff

Albert J Duff

AMVETS Department of CT.

Constitution & By-Laws


Awards Chairman: Albert Duff

No Report.

Report on Awards Banquet was given at the May SEC Meeting


Motion to accept all Committee Reports made by_________________________

2nd by___________________________________________________________

Motion passed____________________________________________________


  • VAVS Reports:

West Haven: Nick DeCerbo

Rocky Hill: Douglas Newell

Motion to accept all VAVS Reports made by_____________________________

2nd by___________________________________________________________

Motion passed_____________________________________________________


  • Post Reports:

Post 1

Post 2

Post 9

Post 13

Post 18

Post 24

Post 43

Post 45


Post 47

AMVETS Department of Connecticut

Post 47 SEC Report


Post 47 Officers and Members visited Veterans at our 3 local Nursing Homes.

Post 47 Honor Guard and members participated in Memorial Day Activities.

Post 47 held its monthly Meeting on Sunday May 27, 2018. Election of Officers was held. Post 47 New Commander is John Michels.

Post 47 Honor Guard continues to be busy.

The House Committee continues to meet every other Week.

Post 47 is planning a White Clover event in June.

Post 47 will be setting up at the Brooklyn Fair for 4 Days again this year.

Respectfully Submitted:

Albert J Duff

Albert J Duff



Post 50

Post 83

Post 911

Motion to accept all Post Reports made by______________________________

2nd by_________________________________________________________

Motion passed_________________________________________________


  • Unfinished Business:
  • _Freedom Foundation Candidates ____________________      
  • _____________________________________________________
  • ____________________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________________
  • ______________________________________________________


  • Break for Lunch:

Lunch to be provided by AMVETS Department of CT at VFW in Yalesville. Drinks to be purchased from Yalesville VFW by AMVETS Department of CT. Beer, Shots and any Drinks containing alcohol are not to be paid for by AMVETS Department of CT.

  • Open Afternoon Session

Guest Speakers if any


  • New Business:


National Resolutions:

  • Resolution that AMVETS make Suicide Prevention a Top Priority
  • Resolution limiting the number of times a person can consecutively run and hold a National Office.
  • Resolutions submitted to Department by National


Motion to allow our Department Representatives attending the National Convention to vote on the resolutions in the best interest of the Department of CT and its members made by_________________________

2nd By______________________________________________

Motion Passed______________________________________






Department Resolution:

CT By-Law Resolution

Where as during review of the CT By-Laws it was noted that there were various editorial errors.

And where as during the review of the CT By-Laws it was noted that updates need to be made to be in line with the way we presently do business today.

And where as changes need to be made to better assist us in CT in doing our business in the future.

Be it resolved that the below changes to the CT By-Laws be made and that changes Shall take effect following this Convention after approval from the Department Judge Advocate and National Judge Advocate.


Section 5.4              Post Requirements

Add a number 5.4.5 to section that starts with: No Post or their Delegates shall be seated. (Currently no number is assigned to this section.)

Section 5.7.2          Constitution and By-Laws Committee

(Change have Available for Distribution to all Delegates) to Have available for review for any delegate a copy of the Department Constitution and By-Laws.

Section 5.7.7          Honors and Awards Committee

(Need to change who makes up this committee. This Committee has never been comprised of what is stated in this Section.)  It should read This Committee shall be composed of; The State Commander, Awards Committee Chairman, Membership Director, Judge Advocate, and up to two (2) more members appointed by the Commander.


Section 6.1              Election

(Change Paragraph Number 7.15.) Should be 6.1.5

Change to Department Commander may succeed themselves once.

Separate paragraph 6.1.5 where it starts with “During the Course of the year,” and number this paragraph with 6.1.6 and it should read: During the course of a year, AMVETS Department of Connecticut SEC holds three (3) regular meetings and one (1) State Convention. Meetings would be held on the fourth (4th) Monday in September, January and April. The State Convention would be held sometime in June. State Officers who accept positions whether by election or appointment are required to attend all three (3) State Meetings and the one (1) Connecticut State Convention unless you call the AMVETS Department of Connecticut State Commander and get excused from said meeting or Convention. If after being elected or appointed to an office, a person can’t fulfill their duties, which includes attending regularly attending State meetings and Convention, said person should resign their position so that it may be filled with another person.


Section 7.7              Department Legislative Director

Should be Department Legislative Officer

Section 7.8              Department Public Relations Director

Should be Department Public Relations Officer

Section 8.2              Meetings

The Department shall hold 4 meetings per year. Meetings shall be held on  the fourth (4th ) Monday in the months of September, January and April and a Convention sometime in June. Business matters that need to be transacted between meetings shall utilize the Web and email. The Department Commander may call a Special Meeting if a matter comes up that requires special attention. The Finance Officer shall be authorized to pay bills that have been budgeted between meetings.

Section 8.3              Quorum

(Change a Quorum shall consist of a minimum of (4) four State Officers and a minimum of (3) Three State Executive Committeemen to:) A Quorum shall consist of a Minimum of (5) Five State Officers.

Section 8.7              Credentials Committee

(Add the word “running” between the word candidate and the word for.) It would then read candidate running for State Commander.


Motion to accept Department Bylaw Change made by______________________

2nd by_____________________________________________________________

Motion Passed_________________________________________________


Constitution & Bylaw Changes

See above Resolution

Convention Bids for 2019

No Convention Bids Submitted


Motion to allow the Finance Officer to Pay Bills between SEC Meetings made by____________________________

2nd By_______________________________________

Motion passed__________________________________


Other New Business:

  • Donation to PAWS at National Convention
  • _______________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________




Credentials Report

Credentials Report Given by_________________________________

Motion to accept the Credentials report made by______________________________________

2nd by____________________________________

Motion passed_______________________________


Nomination of Officers


1st Vice Commander______________________________________

2nd Vice Commander______________________________________

3rd Vice Commander_______________________________________


Finance Officer____________________________________________

Judge Advocate___________________________________________

Provost Marshal____________________________________________


Alternate NEC_____________________________________________

Surgeon General____________________________________________



Election of Officers


1st Vice Commander__________________________________

2nd Vice Commander_________________________________

3rd Vice Commander__________________________________


Finance Officer______________________________________

Judge Advocate____________________________________

Provost Marshal__________________________________


Alternate NEC_____________________________________

Surgeon General____________________________________



Elected Commander will submit his appointments at the September 24, 2018 SEC Meeting for approval.


Nomination of Members to Service Foundation: (Automatic Positions on the Foundation due to their Positions in SEC: Commander, Adjutant, Finance Officer, Judge Advocate, NEC, and Past Department Commander. Alternate NEC will sit in for NEC if NEC is not able to make a meeting.) 7 to be elected.

  1. __________________________________________
  2. _________________________________________
  3. ___________________________________________
  4. __________________________________________
  5. __________________________________________
  6. ___________________________________________
  7. _____________________________________________
  8. _____________________________________________
  9. _____________________________________________



Election of 7 Members to Service Foundation: (Automatic Positions on the Foundation due to their Positions in SEC: Commander, Adjutant, Finance Officer, Judge Advocate, NEC, and Past Department Commander. Alternate NEC will sit in for NEC if NEC is not able to make a meeting.)

  1. __________________________________________
  2. __________________________________________
  3. __________________________________________
  4. __________________________________________
  5. __________________________________________
  6. __________________________________________
  7. __________________________________________


Pay the Bills

Motion to pay the bills made by______________________________

2nd by___________________________________________________

Motion Passed____________________________________________

  • Good and Welfare


  • Motion to Adjourn made by______________________________

2nd by_______________________________________________

Motion Passed_________________________________________



  • Chaplain Give Benediction

May the strength of God sustain us, May the Power of God preserve us, May the hand of God direct us, and May the Shield of God Defend us. Amen

  • Provost Marshall Uncover POW/MIA Chair


  • Provost Marshall Retire Colors


  • Next SEC Meeting will be held on September 24, 2018 at the Newington VFW on Kitts Lane. 7 pm


  • Adjourn Convention


  • Swear in New Officers



  • (Post) Convention Service Foundation Meeting:

To nominate and elect Service Foundation Officers.

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