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The new Plasma Arc Lighter is so popular it has been OUT OF STOCK for the last 3 months.
Good news is it’s ready to ship again.
Its “torch flame” requires no fluid, it’s weatherproof, and its purple plasma arc is 10x’s as hot as a Zippo lighter.
Here the reasons it’s essential for ALL-WEATHER FIRE-STARTING:
·         Shoots Advanced Plasma Arcs: Famed inventor Nikola Tesla came up with technology for this design. Thanks to some fancy engineering, steel-melting heat now fits in a tiny little package.
·         Completely Windproof and Water-Resistant: Drop it in a muddy lake, light a shelter fire in a hail storm — it still works with no issues. It’s perfect for survival.
·         Never Stops Burning: You can use your Plasma Arc Lighter an hour a day, everyday for 100 years and it’ll still keep working! It never runs out of lighter fluid because it never needs any.
This promo price (up to 50% off) won’t last long and you won’t find this deal anywhere else. Not to mention, the inventory could run out at any time and this offer will disappear for another 3 months (maybe longer).
Ted Rock
U.S. Veteran Headlines
WARNING: Keep this out of children’s reach as its dual arcs are 10 times as hot as regular flames. Pick up 1 or 2 here.
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